Low Carb diets are Reckless and Dangerous?

The Medical and sports nutrition establishment are horrified by the concept of low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets. While studies are being released almost daily proving the superiority of low carb diets for fat loss, the medical establishment warns against trying them as the long term health risks are "unknown". Apparently it is a case of 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't'.

Dangerous because we don't know IF they're safe

This fence-sitting attitude is an absolutely inexcusable disgrace! The devil we know - a devil only revealed as a result of the high-carb recommendations - is epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression. Is there any possibility of the unknown risk being worse than the sickness that the health department recommendations have caused? I think not!

There Might be Side Effects

It is the most patronising hypocrisy that the Medical community warn against using a treatment (low carb dieting) PROVEN to cure a disease state (obesity) because of unknown and unlikely potential side effects. Western medicine is infamous for the indiscriminate prescription of drugs that have side effects worse than the problem and ignore the disease other than to mask the symptoms!

Nothings Wrong. Just Eat in Moderation

Lets get this straight: obesity is a disease state. If someone is obese then they are sick and need treatment. That treatment is dieting; extreme dieting maybe; but NOT eating in 'moderation'. Eating in moderation is for maintaining health and the obese are already sick. Besides, if someone has more than 30% body fat then they have already shown that they don't know the first thing about eating in moderation!

Its Not You. Its Syndrome X

The latest move has been to remove the fault of obesity from the obese and put it on a mystical, undefined mental condition called 'Syndrome X'. This is a pathetically transparent attempt at diverting focus from the health departments monumental screw up. Fact is, high carb diets were the single worst thing to recommend for a predominantly sedentary population.

The Syndrome X excuse is an abomination. This condition (Syndrome X) was discovered in mice and was previously just called 'no will power'. To suggest a portion of the human population suffers the same affliction is not quite accurate. They do have 'will power' but it is weak and they choose not to use it. The real reason that 2 out of 3 Australians are fat is because they have chosen to be lazy gluttons.

Learn to Love Yourself No Matter Your Size

The point is, lets stop making piss-weak excuses and trying to make out like it is actually OK to be obese or that mild treatment (like walking) will fix the problem! Australians are fat and getting fatter. They are so fat that they are medically sick and causing a drain on the country in terms of lost productivity and the cost of their medical bills. The cold, hard facts are:

Excessive fat is a self inflicted sickness that is the fault of the 'victim' alone. Every person has the power and choice over what they stick in their mouth! Fat people are victim only to themselves. They should not be pitied as helpless. To suggest a fat person should continue following the same moderate health department guidelines and expect a different result is the definition of stupidity. They need to DIET! When they aren't sick anymore, then they can try moderation.

To question the healthiness of a diet that will treat a fat/obese persons sickness (the obesity) is utter hypocrisy - there was clearly no prior concern for health as they made themselves sick (fat)? Why now feign concern for the healthiness of the treatment? Can it be any worse?

To criticise a diet because a person is unable to maintain leanness after returning to the eating patterns that made them fat in the first place, is totally insane. If it made you fat once, chances are it will again. Finally, food by any other name is fuel, pure and simple. Call it pleasure, a 'treat, socialising or whatever; too much and it makes you fat. It is your choice!

Source by Damon Hayhow