One of the biggest things that stop women from finding guys is their weight. A lot of women try losing weight but they don't have the motivation to do it, or they have tried and have lost some weight, but they keep putting it back on. It's not impossible to attract men if you are overweight. It does take some drastic changes in your mindset, but a lot of women who could be considered overweight have found men that they love who also love them equally in return. It's simply about using your weight to your advantage, not seeing it as something that holds you back. Here's how I advised some of my overweight female friends as to how they could go about finding a man for them.

1. Flaunt It!

A lot of women want to try and hide their weight or to make it seem like less of a problem. The more you try and hide it, the more of a problem it is. It's far better using your weight to your advantage and showing people that you're not letting it change who you are as a person.

A lot of women are extremely curvy and they wouldn't have these curves if they weren't a little overweight. A lot of women would kill to have curves like a voluptuous woman has. Think about all your skinny sisters out there and feel for them!

2. Dress To Impress

Like I mentioned earlier, if you see your weight as something that holds you back, you're always going to feel like you're fat. If you find clothes to fit you and show off the curves that your weight gives you, you are going to look fabulously sexy.

Here's a secret I shouldn't be telling you: a lot of guys like women who have a bit extra because it means that they're not so self-conscious and let their personality and confidence speak for themselves. If you try hard to be skinny, you could be worse than an overweight woman in terms of self-esteem.

3. Don't Kick Yourself

It all starts in your head. If you wake up every morning and tell yourself how much you hate your weight, I hate to break it to you, but you're going to die all alone. You can't let it get to you.

You have to see yourself in a positive light. You have to realize that you have a lot to give and you have been blessed with some curves that some women are never going to have.

If you want to learn how to attract men while being a bit bigger than other women, these are the best tips I can give you. You have to realize that you are gorgeous the way you are. Once you can see that, so will the other hundreds of guys out there.

Source by J. Keys