Parents often wonder if their baby's weight is ideal for his or her age. There are babies who look small yet they are on the normal range, while there are some babies who look big and healthy, but they are actually overweight and not within the normal range. Thus, how would a parent know if the weight of the child is on the acceptable level or not? Here, in this article, parents will learn the importance of understanding how baby weight percentile works and what are the things that they can do to ensure the optimum health of their child?

The weight chart for babies is used as a reference to know whether your child belongs to the normal range or not. Weight is regularly measured whenever parents go to the doctor or pediatrician for a monthly check-up. Using a baby weight calculator, parents can determine the percentage of growth of their child, as compared with the national averages. The percentile calculator for baby's weight is based on the World Health Organizations' Growth Chart .

For example, if your baby get 50% baby weight percentile, this means that there are 50% of babies of similar gender and age as your baby, are living in a most favorable growth environment. This allows you to know the percentage of your child's weight gain as compared with the national rates.

Using a Baby Weight Percentile Calculator is easy. Parents only need to provide information about their child's birth date, gender and their baby's weight in kilograms . It is important to note that when it comes to this data girls are0.3 kilogram lighter than boys, while boys are also 0.3 kilogram heavier than girls. Moreover, you need to mention the gender in calculating the weight percentile because boys are heavier than girls. It is also necessary to mention the birth date because there are also variations on the ideal weight score specifically on the first two months of the baby. For children between 50 to 60 months, the difference of the ideal weight score may be around 0.4 kilogram to 0.5 kilograms.

Moreover, knowing this information will allow the parents to know if their baby is having a healthy pattern for weight gain. Parents will have an idea if their baby's growth is stable or it is drastically changing every month. If you think there are some radical changes in the child's weight, it is better to consult your pediatrician immediately, so proper medical attention will be given.


Source by Aileen Rufo Billones