North America suffers from a serious epidemic of overweight children. At the present time 1 out 3 children are overweight and obese. If unchecked, this childhood obesity epidemic will have dire personal and societal consequences for the future of our children.

Recently, US First Lady, Michelle Obama, initiated a long overdue campaign to solve childhood obesity epidemic. The campaign is called: Let's Move. This campaign will be one of Michelle Obama's main causes during her stay at the White House. In her speech the First Lady, stated that the physical and emotional health of the entire generation and the economic health and security of the US is at stake. She also said that the childhood obesity is not the kind of a problem that can be solved overnight, but with everyone working together, it can be solved.

The campaign hopes to move mountains and solve the challenge of obese and overweight children within a generation. The hope is that the children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight.

As parent, grandparents, aunts and uncles we have a responsibility for the future of our children. We all can play a role in helping the "Let's Move" campaign succeed to eradicate the epidemic of overweight children. Just to start:

  • we can start addressing the issue of overweight at home by feeding our children healthy foods and ensuring that children have enough physical activity
  • we can help by making sure that our school food programs for our children are healthy and not fattening
  • we can demand honest nutritional facts on food labels

Last but not least, we can start helping by raising awareness of this problem. Let us talk about the overweight children epidemic openly to our friends, collections online and offline. The larger voice, the more successful the "Let's Move" campaign will become.

Source by Dita Irvine