I have seen many people especially ladies stay off certain kinds of food because they are afraid it would make them obese. Others for the fear of obesity eat either once or twice a day. Ask them and the answer you get is, "I am watching my weight". Some does not really understand what it means to be obese. This article will explain this.

Obesity is a situation where someone is seriously overweight of excess body fat. Obesity is not just being overweight, but having excess fat in the body. A wrestler for instance, would likely have more weight because of muscle mass or large bone structure. To accurately, classified someone as obese or not, his Body Mass Index (BMI) should be used.

BMI is a height-to-weight ratio that can be used to determine whether an individual is overweight or already obese. BMI is derived by taking a persons weight in kilograms and dividing it twice by his height in meters. For instance, if your weight is 85 kilograms and height is 1.7 meters, your BMI is 29.41 (85/1.7 /1.7 = 29.41), A BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered the healthiest. If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9. Then you are over weight. Any Body Mass Index over 30 is viewed as obese.

Now, you know how to detect whether your weight is okay, overweight or obese. It is wise you do this from time to time. It will help you monitor your health.

Source by Fortch Daryln