How is diabetes caused and especially what are the causes of diabetes type 1 are the hottest quests among the parents of diabetics. If the blood sugar levels are not properly controlled, they are always cause life threatening complications in human body. Till to date it is not clearly known that what is the cause of diabetes type 1. The best theory that revolves around it says that hereditary tendencies are the root cause which is then triggered by the environmental factors. These environmental factors are not yet clearly known. Following are the outbound causes of diabetes

Heredity or Genetics: Researchs have revealed that there is close connection between genetic make up and diabetes type 1. Many people are born with the tendency to develop the disease. It is important to note that diabetes is not inherited ailment. The people that have the genetic disposition of this disease end up after catching the disease. For example if a sibling or a parent of a person is suffering from diabetes then the chances of acquiring disease will be increased by 10%. Even in case of identical twins, if one twin has the disease then the risk factor of the other increases by three folds.

Epidemics of Diabetes type 1 have increased a lot in European countries in the recent past years. If the disease of this would have been genes then according to researchers it would have taken 400 years for the expansion. The rate of the growth depicts that there are some other underlining causes as well.

Environmental Factors: The environmental factors also trigger diabetes. Researchers believe that viral infection is the cause of diabetes. Those with genetic disposition are more prone to be attacked by this viral infection. In this case the viral attack produces a protein that resembles beta cells of pancreas. Immune system gets hoaxed by the similarity of the two. It attacks the viral protein as well as the beta cells.

A group of researchers believe that this attack is caused by some pollutant. It is thought that these are some toxic microorganisms in top most part of the soil. The researchers believe that bacteria are swarmed in the vegetables. These vegetables, when ate by the person who has genetic disposition of disease, triggers the autoimmune disorder and as a result the diabetes type 1 sunset.

Researches are still being processed to identify the exact cause of type 1 diabetes.

Source by Tehmina Mazher