Diabetes is a commonly seen problem now a days. To keep it in control you need to actually stay away from sugar and fat. That in turn robs all the sweetness not only from your food but also from your life. There are various diabetic dessert recipes being introduced for the sugar patients. These add some sort of sweetness to their lives.

Butterscotch & Pumpkin Pudding


- A pack of butterscotch pudding mix (sugar free)
- One cup fresh or canned cooked pumpkin
- One and a half cup of low fat milk
- One tea spoon of vanilla
- One tea spoon of cinnamon
- Half tea spoon of nutmeg
- Dream Whip or Cool Whip

All the ingredients are to be added together and poured into individual pudding containers to set. You can then top them with the vanilla & the cool whip.

The Pecan Pie


- One third cup of water
- Two third cup of the granular fructose
- Two packs of vanilla pudding (sugar free); the instant variety is not be used
- Three fourth cup the evaporated skim milk
- Two big eggs
- A nine inches Pie shell
- One fourth cup of the chopped pecans
- Half cup of the grape nuts cereal

First of all your oven needs to be pre heated at 350 degrees. Now the water & fructose are to be combined. Then simmer them for 5 minutes over low heat. Now let them cool for sometime.

The dry pudding is to be mixed with the fructose mixture. Now you may add eggs and skimmed milk and blend them. Now the mixture should be poured into the Pie shell. Then sprinkle the top using the pecans & the grape nuts. Now bake it for 30 minutes.

Applesauce Cake (Old fashioned)


- One cup of flour
- One tea spoon baking powder
- Half tea spoon baking soda
- Two tea spices of cinnamon
- Half tea spoon ginger
- Half cup of reduced calorie margarine
- One fourth cup of molasses
- Half cup of egg substitute
- One tea spoon vanilla
- One cup of Splenda
- Two cups of sugar free applesauce

You need to heat your oven at 350 degrees. Now mix the baking soda, the cinnamon & ginger with flour in a bowl. Mix the molasses & the margarine and molasses with the help of an electric mixer in other bowl. Now the vanilla & the egg substitute are to be added and blended on high. Then add the remaining mixture in to the bowl. Mix everything together. Spread the mixture in to a pan & get it baked for 30 minutes.


Source by Kathy Murray