With obesity on the rise and many health professional warning of the dire consequences if people do not start to lose weight, many women and men turn to the quick fix diet supplement or diet plan that actually deprives the body of the nutrients that it needs. What this tends to do is cause a rebound effect in which the body does all it can to store up more calories in the form of fat reserves so that it can be better prepared when you start your next diet.

To avoid this you need to understand that to lose weight you need to boost your bodies metabolic rate. No diet plan no matter how well-intentioned will raise your metabolic by itself, and for women especially excessive dieting cause other health issues that can over time become quite serious.

Although there are many weight loss diet programs available today, most people find them difficult to follow, expensive and restrictive. As a result most women (more women diet then men) will not complete a diet plan and will find themselves in the same position they were before.

When looking for a workable diet plan you need to consider a holistic approach to weight loss. Such a plan takes nutrition, exercise and lifestyle into consideration to maximize your weight loss potential. One of the best programs that's currently available for women and men looking to lose weight without building muscle mass is from renamed certified nutritionist Isabel De La Rosa owner of the New Body Center For Fitness And Nutrition.

Isabel holds a degree in exercise physiology from Rutgers University and she is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach. She has taken the knowledge gained over the years of helping thousands of people to get fit and produced a weight loss program that will help you lose 10 to 20 pounds in a reasonable amount of time, without depriving you of the foods your body needs and that you like.

This approach keeps you healthy and has a positive psychological reinforcement factor that keeps you on the weight loss diet plan. You'll learn life long lessons on how to burn fat by increasing your metabolic rate, the difference between good and bad cholesterol and how to lower the bad cholesterol. You'll learn which foods are better for maintaining a healthy weight and for providing you with the energy you need that will also help you look and feel better (this becomes more important as we grow older).

Since Isabel is a nutritionist she has developed a full meal plan system that targets each individual; just answer some basic question about your body type and you'll have 20 days worth of meals that will specifically help you shed those unwanted pounds. She then also incorporates an exercise program that based on your body type will maximize the effects of your meal plan to effectively burn fat, tone your body and shed those unwanted pounds.


Source by Xzen Dor