Is Sitting the new Smoking?

More of a rhetorical question, I was wondering with all my efforts, if I am engaged in any kind of exercise during the entire day? Putting my personal hat away and looking at it from everyone's point of view, I have to say that the answer is NO.

Gone are the days when the major section of the workforce comprried of farmers. The environments in which modern humans sit or move have been changing rapidly since the middle of the last century. These changes in different types of technologies have been associated with a reduction in the demands of physical activity. We live in a decade where technology rules the world and hence the majority of the jobs are tech-related. These jobs are office-based and are leading to a sedentary lifestyle.

According to researchers in the Department of Biomedical, Israel, cellular expansion acts as major factor in the fat production. 'Fat' cells, that is, cells in the body with higher than average fat content get larger when they are exposed to continuous physical pressure - such as the pressure of sitting down. The research also states that "contrary to bone and muscle, which get mechanically weaker withactivity, fat gets accumulated in the cells and expends when they are loading by as much as 50%".

The above mentioned condition is in turn leading to obesity. The obesity related condition can further lead to coronary disorders, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

An Alarming Situation

More than one third of the US adults are obese. The prevalence of obesity has doubled over the past four decades. Also the US health care spending has doubled twice as much on obesity than previously. According to a study by Cornwell University, obesity now accounts for almost 21% (more than $ 200 billion per year) of US healthcare costs.

The situation is almost similar across the globe and needs to be addressed immediately. The local governments with the help of the central government should implement plans to reduce obesity related disorders. This will in turn reduce their healthcare costs and the same funds can be used for some other activity related to public welfare. Cycle to work, basic exercise schedule, proper diet plan should be some of the directives implemented by the government to keep a tab on obesity.

Opportunities For New Entrants

As we have seen above that thevalence of obesity has doubled over the past four decades, the weight management market has a magnificent scope for new entrants. The market in the developed countries of North America and Europe is growing at an exponential rate and will favor the new entrants. The main focus of the new players should be to develop quality products and provide efficient services to the people. Also one should wisely invest for marketing the products and services. Business will come only if the people are well aware of the new items which are introduced in the market. Finding out the shortcomings of the current players and providing an enhanced product will give an added advantage in winning the confidence of the customers.

Opportunities in the OTC Drugs Segment

The OTC drugs segment is also growing at a rapid rate. Growing inclining from the pharmaceutical sector to convert their product line from Rx to OTC drugs led by patent expiration and brand their products accordingly, increasing awareness among the population about the potential benefits of OTC drugs which involve avoiding the doctor's visit for minor issues, immense product innovations in this field, potential cost savings involved over the use of OTC when compared to the prescribed drugs and strong encouragement from the Governments promoting self-care & responsibility for their own health and well-being are the reason favoring the OTC drugs market. New entrants and also industry giants investing in the OTC drugs segment will reap huge benefits in the near future.

Last But Not The Least

A blend of diets, control over over-eating, keeping a tab on calorie intake, self monitoring, and gradual increase in physical activity, starting with small exercises can help in decreasing weight and controlling obesity. Successful weight loss results from a combination of motivation, physical activity, effective diet and calorie restriction.


Source by Sathish Chary