A recent survey indicates the prevalence of malnutrition among the residents of nursing homes at 20-60%. For reversal of such malnutrition it is necessary to change the food quality, taking care of individual needs and preferences for food. Lack of choices in food as well as sub optimal dining room environment is the requirements for the nutritional standards of the body.

Poor Food Consumption

Usually it is poor food consumption that is one of the reasons for the lack of nutrition in the body. More than in any pattern of dining, such problems could be recurrent in buffet style dining for the consumers. However, the buffet style dining can also be designed to provide good nutritional benefits for the diner. Usually chicken wings, pizza, beef, mashed potatoes, and cheese are all standard in the buffets and they are all fat containing foods that could result in weight gain. Losing weight at the buffet could still be possible by choosing the real good and healthy food.

How to Go For the Buffet

One should start by checking the tables in the buffet for real good foods. One of the most important sections is the dessert section. Instead of going for fat filled beverages, one can go for water, coffee or tea as drinks. Diet sodas can make one feel bloated and increase the food cravings. Instead; adding a lemon edge in water will add flavor to it.

Steps in Choosing the Food in Buffet

• Eating in the buffet by filling the stomach with salad would be good.

• Leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, vegetables, and onions would be one of the best ways of getting filled without fat accumulation.

• Foods to be avoided include croutons, olives, cheese, potatoes and chicken salads.

• Dressing should be healthy. Perhaps a little vinegar could help.

Ideal Food Combination

An ideal food combination is what one should look in the buffet. Some ideal combination would be as follows -

• Filling out half of the plate with vegetarian food would be good.

• Another 25% of the plate can be filled with meat and remaining 25% of the plate can be filled with starch.

• If desert is what the diner cherishes, a small portion of desert would do.

• This will be one of the ideal combinations that will help one lose weight in the buffet.

Ideal Way of Handling Buffet to Lose Weight

Many people have the tendency of using buffet dinner as they do not have the time to go for the regular ones. But in most of the buffets people have the tendency of over stacking the plate with food as they wish to have their money's worth. Visiting any Chinese buffet restaurant in Untied States will convince a person about the truth of the statement.

Such situations occur especially in eat what you can buffets most of the time. Some others also have the tendency of putting more than they require into the plate as the diet and in result gain weight and obesity. Yet others take something of everything and end up with much bigger plate than they actually require. There is also no dearth of people going for the seconds and thirds in the buffets. Each of these will result in overeating and consequential weight gain and obesity at the end of it if such eating becomes a continuous habit.

Bottom line of all these is that it is not the buffet that is bad for health, but the food habit of the consumer that affects the health adversely by resulting in weight gain and accumulation of fat resulting in obesity. A little restraint can work wonders for most of the people resorting to buffet due to constraints of times or other reasons.


Source by Shivangi Mehra