Having tender breasts is nothing uncommon. Everyone has or will experience it at some point in their life. For the most part, the main cause of this is water retention. But there are many other things can cause the water retention. One such thing is being overweight.

When you are overweight your fat levels and hormone levels are all over the place. This imbalance is what can cause you to constantly retain water. And when you retain water, your breasts will feel very tender and sensitive. Most women will go through this during PMS. Because during that time of the month there is a serious hormonal imbalance that takes place. As a result you will retain water and yes, your breasts will become tender.

You can also experience tenderness if you are a women who has unusually large breasts. The sagging and the stretching and pulling is what will cause the discomfort and pain. You might even feel pain in your neck and back and well. I know what this is like as I have had to deal with large breasts all my life. Its not fun or comfortable at all. It prevented me from doing a lot of things that I wanted to do.

If that sounds like you then you have probably thought about getting a breast reduction right? Well before you do, make sure you do a little research and find out about natural solutions before you go under the knife. Natural solutions are way safer and have very little, if any, side effects.

For the most part you will just have to take a pill and apply cream to your breasts a few times a day. If you do it consistently you will see results. Most people experience perkiness and firmness within a few weeks. After about 2 months you will see great results and might even have to invest in a new bra to compensate for your new look.


Source by Steffi Hall