Chances are that, like millions of Americans, you too 'feel' that you need to lose weight. But are you sure that some extra pounds need to be shed off? What makes you so sure? Here are some signs that help you to be sure:

  • The first sign that tell you that you need to lose weight is when you are obese. But do you know the difference between being overweight and being obese? While doctors differ on the definition of obesity the general consensus is that anyone who is 30 to 40 pounds overweight is termed as obese. Obese people should not only be concerned about their appearance but also their health as obesity usually invites a host of complications.
  • The other point to consider before you start to lose a lot of weight is when someone has commented on your weight. It could be your personal physician who has recommended weight loss or someone who has made a comment about your weight. None of these observations or advice should be ignored. Of course most people feel upset when someone tells them to lose weight, but you have to remember that these people are well-wishers and are more concerned about your health than your physical appearance. Therefore when someone even casually mentions that you need to lose weight, take his or her suggestion seriously and make adequate plans to lose some weight, not for any other reason but to remain healthy.

There are several tell-tale signs which tell us when it is necessary to lose weight. The wisest thing to do is to pay heed to such comments and recommendations without any delay.


Source by Ron Harene