Starving yourself to lose weight may appear to work but it is a counter productive weight loss plan.

While many will admit they have heard this they rarely have the facts behind why. It seems so counter intuitive that most dismiss it and continue in the belief that the fastest way to lose weight is to drastically reduce caloric intake or even starve or fast.

You can lose weight the fastest with a balanced nutritional program and consistent activity.

The body is designed to monitor caloric intake and make adjustments depending on circumstances. What it watches for most closely is consistent feeding and it is hard-wired to launch defenses if it thinks that it isn't going to get fed. When it suspects that it will be a while before it's next meal it turns the furnace down to conserve energy stores and the body's favorite long term energy is fat.

When the body decides to conserve it protects the fat stores and the result is we cant seem to lose weight.

Effective and successful weight loss has a number of components and is a process instead of an event, but a key, critical requirement is that the body receive enough calories to keep the body convinced that it's OK to keep the furnace burning.

The proper amount of daily calories is determined by your BMI, or Body Mass Index and your activity level. The Body Mass Index (BMI) formula was developed by Belgium statistician Adolphe Quetelet (1796-1874), and was known as the Quetelet Index. BMI is also referred to as 'body mass indicator'. BMI is an internationally used measure of obesity.

BMI calculators are not difficult to find online but the formula to calculate is simply divide your weight by your height in inches. Bump the decimal one place to the right and you've got your BMI. For the metric crowd divide weight in kilograms by height in meters.

To avoid having your body's hard-wired programming working against your weight loss goals, know your BMI and RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and make sure you don't go below critical minimums. You can have the most well planned nutrition and if you don't outsmart your metabolic thermostat you will be disappointed in your results.

For best results seek out a competent wellness coach to help you with the math and an effective plan for your success.


Source by Tom Bradley