What If My Standard Poodle is Obese?



A Standard Poodle may not be genetically predisposed to becoming overweight but that does not mean it can not happen. Every dog, regardless of breed, should be given close attention when it comes to food intake and exercise so as to prevent obesity. A healthy Standard Poodle with ideal weight can avoid the following health risks associated with obesity:

Heart Disease. Just like in people, obesity can be associated with high blood pressure or hypertension. The heart must pump additional blood to excess tissues and may eventually lead to congestive heart failure.

Breathing Problem. The additional body fat can increase pressure on a dog's lungs and interfere with normal function. The excess fat results in less space in the chest cavity thus restricts the expansion of the lungs. The lungs then have to work harder to supply the increased demand of oxygen.

Arthritis. In an overweight dog, the joints, bones and ligaments are required to carry excess weight. This could damage certain ligaments or joints making it harder to move around. Arthritis and hip dysplasia can ever develop resulting to difficulty in going up stairs, getting into cars or just going for a walk.

Surgical Risk. The excess fat makes surgery more difficult for the surgeon as this may hinder the access to the organs you are looking for so prolonging the procedure and increases the risk associated with anesthesia.

Decreased Stamina. An overweight or obese dog exhibits fewer physical activities because those extra weight can slow down a dog.

Other health risks are diabetes mellitus, decreased stamina, heat intolerance, skin problems and reduced liver and immune function.

To sum it all up, obesity, a what seems to be a minor health issue causes other complications that can decrease the quality and length of a dog's life. Dog owners should bear in mind that fat dogs do not necessarily mean healthy dogs. Losing weight is not easy but if you want to spend long years of companionship and love with your Standard Poodle, do your best to keep him fit. All it takes is your time, effort and commitment to achieve that weight of your dreams.


Source by Richard Cussons