Herbs To Cure Obesity – The Global Epidemic


Obesity is identified as having an unusual quantity of body fat that is 20 to 30 percent more than ideal weight based on age, height and sex. It is caused by many factors mainly being family history, sedentary lifestyle, irregular diet and improper eating habits. It puts you at risk for many diseases mainly being diabetes, heart problems like strokes and heart attacks, atherosclerosis and many other life threatening diseases. Also, it leads to arthiritis as bone joints have to go through a lot of stress due to excess body weight.

Alarming statistics about obesity reveal that world wide there are 110 million people who are obese of which US alone has 40 million obese people. This population has been increasing over the years irrespective of gender, race and ethnic groups etc.

Apart from rigorous exercises and weight loss diet programs a wide range of herbs are available which reduces the appetite and increases metabolic activity of the body to help in efficient weight loss The best part about this is that they make a person loose weight without any side effects unlike other diet pills etc

Herbs useful in reducing excessive fat are

Aloevera- Intake of this induces cleansing action of digestive tract along with improvement of digestion

Astralgus-This is a very popular herb known to have a positive effect on human health It improves metabolism and strengthens immune system by inducing sweating.

Bladderwrack- It stimulates the thyroid gland beneficial in treatment of cellulite and dissolving fats.

Cayenne- A wonderful herb that burns fats and reduces appetite to a certain extent.

Chromium- It assists body to use stored fats to gain energy and build muscles.

Dandelion- It improves bile flow along with better functioning of kidney and liver.It also improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Fennel- It is an appetite suppressant and improves digestive system.

Green Tea-It facilitates in weight loss by oxidation of stored fats. It also improves the immune system through the presence of antioxidants.

Guggul- It lowers the risk of coronary artery diseases and also provides efficient weight control.

Licorice-Apart from being beneficial in various diseases associated with heart ,lungs and skin it also monitors blood sugar levels to avoid a longing for sweets.

Though these herbs help you to loose weight but healthy well balanced diet supplemented by exercises or any other form of physical activity will provide you with a lifetime result of healthier and happier self.

Source by Megha Kabra


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