The Quick Way Of Getting Rid Of Leg Fat


Thinking that your legs are starting to look a little chunky? Pudgy upper legs and ankles can make a woman’s legs look shorter, making the woman swear off skirts, shorts, and skinny jeans forever. Don’t fret, there is a solution! After using a few tricks of the trade, you’ll have skinny legs in no time at all.

Note: Men can also benefit from these techniques, but ladies tend to store more fat on their legs – which is totally unfair, but true. Just listen to women discuss the dreaded “cankles”, calves that don’t slim down when they reach the ankle. Men don’t typically get fat ankles unless they are significantly overweight, but cankles can happen to women who are within or just above their healthy weight range.

Whether you’re female or male, read on for some tips in getting skinny legs.

Leg Fat Reducing Exercises

To slim down your legs, there are two main steps to follow. First, you must lose the extra body fat that’s padding them. Toning the leg muscles will be the second step to build and define lean muscle mass on the leg.

Burning off calories and then toning muscle is the verified way of losing body fat.

Add some cardio exercise and small weight training regime and presto- you have the best fat reducing routine. Choose any form of cardio workout you like as you’ll be more likely to stick with it. If you want to get skinny legs fast, go heavy on exercises that target your legs. For example, you may wish to take up bicycle riding or even head down to the beach to run through sand or water. You could also hit the gym and use the treadmill, cross-trainer, or stair-climbing machines.

You will want to aim for about 25 to 30 minutes exercise most days, giving a few “rest” days in the routine to allow the body to recuperate.

In order to reduce the fat from the legs, it’s a good idea to pick machines at your fitness centre that target the calves, thighs and hip flexors. It doesn’t just end at the gym! Whilst at home, you can perform some of the more traditional exercises for the legs such as leg lifts, wall sits and lunges. First, try doing a total of 3 sets of 30 leg lifts per leg. You will find that your legs and abdomen will be worked in various ways by side and front leg lifts. Gradually work your way up to about 15 seconds each go with wall sits which requires you to hold the sitting position. After a few reps, you may notice your thighs shiver and struggle to support you, it’s a good indication to stop for the day.

Try These Ideas For Slimmer Legs

Whilst exercise is critical, good nutrition is the key to shedding weight. Consumption of products that include a lot of corn syrup or sugar will yield to the body creating a lot of insulin. The insulin makes you hungry, so you eat more. It’s a disastrous cycle to be in.

Be kind to your heart and swap foods full of saturated fats with those that have plenty of unsaturated fats instead. Cutting out carbs is not really necessary. Just remember to pick the healthier versions. Eat complex carbs that come from dark green vegetables, fruits high in water and fiber, and bread and pastas made from whole grains.

Don’t forget about eggs! Contrary to common believe, eggs are not a big contributor to cholesterol problems as noted by more recent studies. Get at least three servings of dairy each day, and swap your morning coffee for green tea. Fat reducing qualities have been proven time and time again in green tea leaves and calcium.

So there you go. Put this into immediate action and you’ll have the perfect swimsuit legs fast!

Source by Leanne Laker


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