6 Symptoms Not to Ignore If You Have Diabetes


Diabetes is becoming a leading threat across the globe than any other disease. Changes in lifestyle and food choices are said to be the known reasons for diabetes. But what is the primary reason for this disorder to become dangerous is not entirely understood by many people. It depends on how much the body of the person is affected and that makes the disease fatal or gruesome. Yes, not keeping the glucose levels under control is the sole reason why you suffer from diabetes and its complications. So, it is essential to identify the symptoms in the first place. Diabetes symptoms can be confused with the rest of the diseases, but here are a few signs that you should never give a miss.

1. Unquainted thirst
Thirst is the signal your body gives when it needs water. Drinking water should quench it, and if you are not getting satiated with the amount of water you drink, then it means there is an undering problem. The kidneys do more work when the sugar levels are high. They need to filter the excess sugar, and when they do it regularly, they need more water, which is why you are always thirsty. As you drink more water, you also face the other symptom of urinating frequently.

2. Losing weight
Initially, you would be happy to see a slimmer version of you in the mirror. But, this is a reason to worry, unless you diet or do intensive workouts. When urination is frequent, calories are lost faster. This is why you lose weight. If you are shedding 5 to 10 kg in a week, then it is an alarm that you are affected by diabetes.

3. Blurry vision
You would not feel like watching blurred sight until you are affected by it severely. But, you can not afford to neglect this symptom as it can affect your eyesight in the long run. The tissues in the eyes are filled with fluids. They are dropped when the diabetes levels go high. The fluid levels when change can result in blurred vision.

4. Fatigue
When the sugar does not reach the cells, they starve. The inconsistent sugar levels should be compensated because of this. This means that the body will feel tired excessively. This is why you need to go for sugar test.

5. Pain in the leg
The peripheral arterial disease can be the reason. The blood vessels would have been narrowed and clogged. This means the blood flow becomes less, and a pinching sensation can be experienced when the blood flow occurs. This is because the oxygen-deprived muscles start moving when there is a flow of blood. This is why you may feel a tingling sensation or a cold feeling in the feet. This is also the reason why you get the ache in the legs.

6. Fruity mouth odor
Does your scent smell fruity? This is because your body does not get energy because of heightened sugar levels, and fat is burned to compensate it. This results in the production of ketones, and your breath is fruity.

Also, you may feel burnt out or depressed because of the high sugar levels. So, when you get these symptoms contact the doctor immediately. Also, you need to concentrate on eating food for diabetes and doing mild exercises.

Source by Pradeep Rai