A Healthy Natural Diet For Congestive Heart Failure


Congestive heart failure is a medical condition in which the heart is too weak to pump blood to all the body’s extremities. In order to be able to live with this condition requires a lifestyle change. You need to get yourself onto a healthy natural diet, exercise regime and the correct medication.

Part of the healthy natural diet is a low sodium intake, low fat and calorie content and a reduction in fluid intake.

The decreased fluid intake is to combat the side effect of the condition which causes the body to retain liquid. It has a tendency to gather in the areas of the lungs and heart which makes it more difficult to breathe and for the hear t to work.

Sodium also assists the body in retaining the liquid it needs. As such, a high level of sodium in the diet of a congestive heart failure patient compounds the already present problem of water retention.

The lowered calorie and fat intake is to assist in taking pressure off the heart. Congestive heart failure can be due to obesity, in which case the body and heart have too much fat to deal with already. The aim is then to help the patient lose weight and take pressure off the heart. It is also to help stop blockages from forming in the arteries and making the heart’s work that much more difficult.

A good healthy natural diet will be able to be modified to cater for congestive heart failure. Do not try and modify it yourself, make sure you ask a heart specialist and dietician to work together to modify your chosen diet plan.

Source by Felicity Marksman