Risks of Excess Body Fat



What does fat mean to you? Do you consider it as a normal part of life or are you worried about that extra fat collected in your body? If you approve of the latter part of this question, then it is time for you to start searching possible solutions for the problem as well as know the serious health risks arising from uncontrolled excess body fat.

Similar to obesity, excess body fat is the root cause of many health risks like:

• Heart disease-firstly, it is closely associated with many heart diseases. What happens is this-your excess weight puts too much pressure on your heart and it has to work doubly hard to pump blood and supply to lungs. This is reflected in your slow breathing. That’s not all. Due to extra strain, the heart becomes enlarged. This in turn is responsible for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. There is little doubt that these are life-threatening symptoms.

• Cancer– In general, research has established a link between cancer-causing chemicals, or carcinogens, and excess body fat.

• A higher rate of breast and uterine cancer in overweight women. Similarly, excess and uncontrolled body fat has been linked to colon and prostate cancer in men.

• Diabetes– There is a delicate balance between excess body fat, the level of blood sugar, and the hormone called insulin. Why is it so? Excess blood sugar is stored in vital organs like the liver and converted to fat as soon as these organs get the required amount of it.

• Moreover, the pancreas of overweight people often produces insulin in huge quantities. But, unfortunately, the body of obese people is not able to utilize this excess insulin to regulate its blood sugar levels.

• Consequently, due to poor regulation of blood sugar and insulin, their body experiences an imbalance, which ultimately results in diabetes. Diabetes is considered a dreadful disease since this disease is most likely to cause heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, amputation, and even death.

• Gall bladder disease

• Gastro-intestinal disease

• Sexual dysfunction

• Osteoarthritis-Osteoarthritis is believed to be common among obese people because they are overweight and their joints bear the brunt of heavy strain.

Eventually, they give way to osteoarthritis.

• Stroke

Now that you are aware of the risks of unchecked levels of fat getting collected in your body, you need to think about the ways of preventing it and curing in case you are already suffering from this condition.


Source by Madhu Khanna