Obesity – Root Cause of Major Health Problem



In this look-obsessed society, many people believe that being overweight or obese is an appearance issue. However, if you are overweight then it is actually a serious medical concern as it may cause serious health problems.

The health issues associated with being overweight go beyond the ones we frequently hear about, such as heart disease and diabetes. Being overweight also affects an individual’s breathing, mood, joints, sleep and energy levels. Therefore, being obese affects an individual’s complete quality of life.

  • Defining obesity:

When people start eating more calories than they actually burn off, their body starts storing those extra calories as fat. A couple of extra pounds of body fat do not posses health risk for many people. However, when individuals follow a pattern of eating more calories then more fats build up in their bodies.

Eventually, our body reaches a point where the amount of body fat leads to a negative effect on an individual’s health. Doctors or health care professionals use the terms “obese” or “overweight” to describe the condition when a person is at an increased risk of developing weight related health issues.

Nowadays, more and more people are obese than ever before. According to experts, we are facing an “obesity epidemic”. This is one of those health issues affecting not only young people but also adults and one third of the kids between the ages of three and nineteen are obese or overweight. Therefore, youth today are developing more health related problems that earlier used to affect adults such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

  • Reasons for Gaining More Weight

As seen in most of the cases, obesity is a hereditary disease or problem. Some people suffer from a genetic tendency to put on weight more easily than other people because they burn calories slowly.

Although, genes sturdily influence body size and type, the environment also plays a major role. People today are gaining weight because of the family habits like eating while watching television instead of on a dining table and unhealthy food choices such as fast food. Low nutrients beverages and snacks, less active lifestyles, high calorie and big portions of food are some of the leading factors contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Some common health problems related to obesity:

  • Osteoarthritis:

It is a condition in which a patient from a pain for a long time in his joints and body appendages.

  • Blood Clot:

Many obese people commonly encounter this problem. Blood clot occurs due to various reasons and gradually spreads to the complete body.

  • Gall Bladder Disease:

It causes major problems of gall bladder stone or kidney stone.

  • Cancer:

There are different types of cancers and obese people may develop them more easily as compared to other people.

Apart from above mentioned diseases there are several other diseases related with obesity. Therefore, it becomes essential for obese people to follow strict diet regime.


Source by Methew Alyx