Is Bariatric Surgery the Right Weight Loss Solution?



Derived from the Greek words for weight and treatment, Bariatric surgery is a procedure performed on severely obese patients. This surgery is usually performed because conventional diets failed to work for extremely overweight people.

Studies have shown us that health deteriorates rapidly when someone is seriously overweight; so many people feel that this type of weight loss surgery is their only option. However, it should be noted that it is not a guaranteed solution.

What types of people are good candidates for this procedure? Some surgeons accept patients in their 60's and some will even operate on teens, but since this is considered to be a last-step treatment for obesity, it is used only when all other conventional methods such as dieting, or even an abdominoplasty treatment have failed . Candidates must have severe obesity-related health problems.

There are 3 different stages or classifications of obesity that use the Body Mass Index (BMI). Morbid obesity (BMI 40+), super-obesity (BMI 50+) and end-stage obesity (BMI 60+). Severe obesity is a chronic, frequently progressive, life threatening disease. Does this mean that undergoing surgery is more of a risk than the actual disease itself?

You may find yourself asking if the risks of Bariatric surgery outweigh the benefits. Most doctors say the benefits do outweigh the risks. If someone is 100 percent over their ideal weight, then they have a much higher mortality rate than someone who is within their normal weight. Surgery for any reason does have its risks, however even without the risk involved, some patients are unable to follow the after surgery, post-operative instructions regarding exercise and diet.

When asked if the result of this type of invasive surgery was worth the potential risks involved, most patients said yes. According to some studies there were probably more psychological benefits rather than physical. Or as one doctor suggested, despite the physical benefits that were much better because of the psychological benefits.

Perhaps you have been thinking about having surgery for your weight issue, or Bariatric surgery as it is also called. If so, then have you spoken with a doctor? If it is something you would consider, then make sure you read everything you can about the subject, as well as speaking with a doctor.

It is a good idea to write down questions you would like to ask during your initial consultations. Keep in mind you can get as many opinions as you like before making a decision that will very highly affect the rest of your life.


Source by Mike Ramidden