Obesity Help For You – Are We Destined to Be Fat?



We are NOT predetermined to be fat, or obese. I know this for a fact.

Even those of us that have fatter parents or siblings, those of use who consider ourselves big boned, none of us are DESTINED to be fat … at least not by nature.

Instead, the saddest, most bitter pill of all, is that we MAKE ourselves fat. We create the medical condition of Morbid Obesity by eating. Eating – that most basic human need – we manage to overdo it to such an amount that we have 100, 200, sometimes 400 extra pounds or more on our bodies.

Whether we do it to ourselves after a pregnancy (our own or our wife's), or over years … the truth is we consume more calories in a day, in a week, over any time period you want to measure – and we gain weight for it. From a physiological standpoint, only the most elite endurance athletes, Lance Armstrong, for example, could reasonably burn the amount calories we routinely put in our bodies and NOT gain weight.

So, What is our solution?

Well, in my opinion, it is not paying hundreds of dollars a month for a special food plan. How is that going to translate to "real life", ie going to lunch with your co-workers or celebrating a birthday or holiday with your family?

It also is not finding the right diet or the right supplement to help you burn fat … nature has given you all the tools you need for that, and the information on how is free for anyone who can download a file off the internet .

The BEST way to lose weight, safely and permanently is to take it off, just like we put it on, one bite at a time. Many people find this approach frightening and overwhelming … after all we are accustomed to crash dieting and losing weight with WILLPOWER, then hating ourselves when we can not maintain the discipline of reduced calories or giving up our favorite foods. OF COURSE WE CAN NOT! What if we could take it off, slowly, steadily and surely? How would that change our life if we were 100 or 200 pounds lighter, without having to risk surgery or buy pills or fight a daily battle?

The most common statement or theme my clients say to me is this – this is easy and I could do this for the rest of my life. This actually works for me. Thank you.

We are not destined to be fat, we just made a LOT of poor choices over the years … but the good thing is we can change that. WE can make our lives different, if we want to.


Source by Erin Carraway