Obesity is Now an Epidemic – Is it Fair to Blame the Food Industry?



With obesity increasing at an alarming rate despite the health education that is being offered to us via the media, one might be excused for wondering whether the food industry are to blame rather than the individuals. Where does education end and personal responsibility start? Can we expect people who are basically ill educated to really understand what constitutes a healthy diet when advertising encourages people to buy certain unhealthy foods that are clearly not going to help them to lose weight?

We have been lied to on too many occasions. Hydrogenated fat (soft margarine) was being hailed as a healthy alternative to butter and was thought to be a healthy option for those with heart disease. We now discover that in fact the hydrogenated fats are far worse for our health than butter, especially for those with heart disease, but at the time advertising persuaded us otherwise.

Those who are being diagnosed as obese are clearly doing something wrong. They are either eating far too much or they are eating the wrong types of foods at the wrong time of day. Although there is far more information available for us regarding healthy options many of us are still relying on information fed to us years ago and are teaching this to our children. Modern approaches to health and nutrition are quite clear that a healthy diet consists of natural home cooked food. The nearer to the way nature intended the better.

Governments have started to intervene and insist that certain nutritional facts are printed on the food packaging to ensure that people are well informed. It is of course up to each of us to reads this information and then to make an informed choice.

Obesity has been declared an epidemic. The food industry is still producing processed foods high in trans fatty acids and sugar. Many of us manage to avoid these foods or eat them only occasionally. We take responsibility and make informed choices. It is all too easy to blame other people. Blame the government or the food industry, when in fact we should be taking a long hard look at ourselves and starting to understand what foods we should be eating to be optimally fit and healthy, and what we need to avoid if we want to ensure that obesity doesn’t continue to rise at the present rate


Source by Janet L. Matthews