Advantages of Losing Weight


Losing weight is not easy. It requires willpower, discipline and hard work. But the positive effects of weight loss far outweigh the work required to achieve it.

Some benefits of shedding those extra pounds are:

Prevention of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke

Obese people have higher levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fat) in their blood stream. These complex molecules form deposits on blood vessels, thus increasing the chances of heart failure. It has been medically proven that losing weight by a mere five to ten percent can bring down cholesterol levels considerably, thus positively decreasing the chances ofa cardiac arrest.

Lower Diabetes risk

Being overweight increases your chances of getting diabetes (both type I and type II). Diabetes is a nasty disease which severely restricts the way you lead your life and can even prove to be fatal. Those who already have diabetes should maintain a strict routine of regular exercise to control their blood sugar levels.

Lower cancer risk

Some types of cancers such as those of the uterus, gallbladder, ovary, breast, and colon, have been shown to be triggered by excess weight. Extra weight should thus be avoided by eating healthy and exercising.

Reduction of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition wherein one temporarily stops breathing for a brief period and then continues to snore heavily. Sleep apnea can lead to lesser oxygen in the blood thus causing drowsiness. It also reducesthe risk of heart failure.

Reduction of osteoarthritis pain

It’s common knowledge that the more you weigh, the more strain your skeletal system is under. Being overweight can increase your discomfort if tyou are already suffering from osetoarthritis.. Weight loss decreases the load these joints carry, thus decreasing – if not eliminating, the pain of osteoarthritis.

Sometimes people think that losing weight is merely for glamour. While other people try to lose weight in order to look good, some do it for health related reasons. Being in your ideal weight gives you advantages that go way beyond the physical appearance. It is therefore important to consider the former over the latter. One’s motivation on losing weight must always go beyond looks. It would be very fulfilling to know that the sacrifice one makes in shedding off those extra pounds can be more beneficial that deemed necessary.

So the next time you sweat out in the gym or outside of it, remember that there is more to its results than just looking great.

Source by Janine Angliongto


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