Diabetes – Must Know Facts About Diabetes


Diabetes is a word derivative of ‘diabenein’ which means ‘straddling’ in Greek. Diabenein lead to the term diabetes for its siphoning effect, in which diabetics are urged to pass urine often.

Diabetes Mellitus or diabetes is a metabolic disorder of pancreas. The pancreas is located exactly below the rib cage towards right. Because of this metabolic disorder, insulin is either not produced or is not converted by the body. Diabetes because of inadequacy or absence of insulin is categorized as Type-1 diabetes and this can attack at a very young age and is commonly well known as juvenile diabetes. The attack of Type-2 diabetes is in the advanced ages of forty plus. Type-2 diabetes is distinguished by the body’s inability to use insulin.

Importance of Insulin

Post digestion, the hormone has a decisive role to play. In a process that is normally known as carbohydrate metabolism, liver produces glucose in slow steps and is released to the circulatory system. It is this insulin that regularizes the glucose levels in your circulatory system by helping it to channelize it to cells where it is changed into energy. This apart, insulin has many other duties to perform too. It regularizes fat accumulation in you, consumption of amino acids by tissues and cells apart from toning the small vessel muscles.

Who Is At More Risk

Persons overly fatty and are irregulars in eating, abuse alcohol regularly, and are chain smokers are prone to diabetes. If you have a history of diabetes in your family you are more or less likely to be a candidate to acquire it. Although not conclusively proven, type 2 diabetes passes through genes.

Is Diabetes Preventable

The onset of diabetes can be postponed by taking sufficient precautions. The advent of diabetes can be discovered much in advance by analyzing various parameters that are said to be leading to the disease. A regimen of proper diet, strict exercise and discipline definitely helps prevent/delay the onset of Type-2 diabetes. There are millions of people that are living a simple diabetes free life even after being diagnosed for their potential.

Does It Affect a Particular Ethnic Group

No one is sure as to which community or an ethnic group is grossly at risk for acquiring the deadly disease. Every ethnic group across the oceans is equally at risk to diabetes. Dr. Santamaria of University of Calgary, Canada, is heading a research instituted by the University. He had established why white blood cells destroy islets of langarhans. This really is a step forward in comprehanding reasons for Type-2 diabetes.

However, some researchers have commented Type-2 diabetes as being more common among Americans of African, Asian, Hispanic and Hawaiian origins. Nevertheless, people of Alaska are at two times the danger of diabetes onset than non Hispanics. On the other side, Northern Europeans are at higher risk for type 1diabetes than type 2 diabetes in contrast to Americans of any origin.

Source by Alevoor Rajagopal


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