How to Lose Weight and Get Toned for the Hourglass Body Shape


So what shape do you want to be?

For women there are a huge variety of body shapes, but the hourglass body shape stands out. It screams classic femininity. This look isn’t about luck, it’s the result of the hormones that make a woman a woman, combined with being fit and in shape, literally.

It’s not about losing all body fat or becoming ripped. It’s really just about losing fat around the waist so that you are trim enough to show off those natural curves.

How to get the hourglass body shape

1) It’s not about dieting (they don’t work) but healthy happy habits

Never ever say “I’m on a diet”, it’s the wrong mentality, leading to a deprivation way of thinking. Besides if you are like most people the dominant thought when you go on a diet is that you can’t wait to get off the diet. This is a recipe for yo-yo weight loss and is not the way forward. The best way to avoid that never-ending weight loss treadmill is never getting on it.

Besides you likely want to get in shape so that you will enjoy your life more. Setting out to do that in future by making yourself miserable today, isn’t the way to do it.

2) Choose and use a way of eating that works for you and fits your life

This is the real key to weight loss success. The kind that you get to keep for the long haul. The good news is that it’s totally possible to create a way of eating that works for you. The first step is to take the focus off others and put it back on yourself, where it belongs.

3) Be careful of your role models

We see images of the “ideal” woman everywhere and its tempting to think that you need to be following their radical new diet or workout plan. However finding and following what works for you is way more important than a celebrity trainer’s routine. Be inspired, but don’t be intimidated into thinking you have to do what they do.

4) Make exercise a fun part of your lifestyle

You probably don’t want ripped arms or huge bodybuilder type thighs. To lose weight for the hourglass body shape once your diet is dialled in any exercise you do provides bonus fat burning, so don’t burn yourself out with exercise you hate. We’ve all seen the miserable women on the treadmill. This doesn’t have to be you. Exercise can and should be enjoyed, and it should fit into your life just like diet does.

You can get an hourglass body shape without hours in the gym or feeling like you’re dying on a deprivation diet.

Source by Michael Mukoyogo


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