Losing Weight Without Becoming Anorexic


The mass media often paints the stereotyped picture that beautiful women have slender and shapely bodies. This slim-body concept is built up by advertising and films and it leads women to try many things in order to obtain that kind of body. Well, there really is nothing wrong with wanting a slim body as long as it is approached safely. Taking exercise regularly and eating healthy foods are some good examples that can lead to losing weight. Unfortunately, many women often adopt risky habits that can harm their body. One of the risky ways to try to achieve that slender image can lead to becoming anorexic. Anorexia is an eating disorder that mostly affects women. Someone who is suffering from anorexia will consciously limit her food intake. After they have taken a meal, they often will deliberately purge the food by vomiting. Anorexics believe that they are overweight even when they are already very thin. This distorted body image habit makes them retain their bad eating habit to stay slim. Since anorexia’s effects can be serious, losing weight through healthy ways can be a wise choice. Here are some healthy ways to lose weight without becoming anorexic:

1. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. That much water is essential to eliminate toxins in the body. In addition, water is also helpful to increase metabolism. When your metabolism is higher, your body will burn more of its excess fat.

2. The next thing to do is exercise to burn calories. It is recommended that you do some simple movements like stretching or tapping legs after sitting for long hours. Doing some more strenuous exercises is also good to burn fat. You can enroll in a fitness class or do simple exercises like walking long distances.

3. It would be better to take your dinner before 6 pm. This eating habit helps you reduce the risk of storing high levels of fat in the body. If you usually eat after 6 pm, it might be hard for you to change this habit. Support from family and friends can be very beneficial to do this healthy eating habit successfully. Family and friends can remind you of your new eating pattern and help you maintain it.

4. Last but not least, consult with your doctor about your weight loss project. Your doctor will recommend the best way to lose weight and supervise the program.

An ideal weight should be achieved in gradual steps. You should be patient during the process and believe that gradual, healthy weight loss in stages is more beneficial for your body. To be successful in losing weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the shortcuts that may be harmful for your health.

Source by Angine Burdock


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