What Is Type Two Diabetes?


Generally, there are 3 types of diabetes identified by the medical professionals, Type One Diabetes, Type Two Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. Of all these 3 types diabetes, Type Two Diabetes is the most common type of diabetes that affects millions of adults in the world. It made up of at least 90% of known diabetes cases. So, what is Type Two Diabetes?

Type Two Diabetes is also known as Insulin Independent Diabetes, which means is not related to the insulin production level in the body. Type Two Diabetes is caused by a condition known as Insulin Resistance, where the insulin fails to do its job in opening up the glucose channels into the cells and when the glucose molecule cannot enter the cell for usage or storage, it bounces back into the blood stream can resulted in the high blood sugar level or hyperglycemia.

Then what causes Insulin Resistance? As a matter of fact, most of the doctors or medical professionals cannot give an accurate explanation to that. They usually tend to vaguely answer that question with some medical jargons so that the patients will stop bugging them with that question again. Some of them tend to blame it on the genetics or DNA related issue. Well, that is the most common ‘escape answer’ for the scientists when they cannot identify actual cause of a disease.

Here is a logical and understandable explanation (from the aspect of natural health science) to what actually causes Insulin Resistance. Although Type Two Diabetes is already a global threat to modern society, but it is not as complicated as you think it is. It does not need rocket science to explain the cause of it and it also does not need all those high-tech chemical drugs to reverse it.

We all know that Diabetes is a lifestyle related illness. It is directly related to what you put into your mouth, but how? All these while, we all put the blame on the high calorie fatty and sweet foods as the cause of the worldwide diabetes pandemic. We all think it is the sweetness of those foods that cause the rise of glucose level in the blood. Once someone is diagnosed to have diabetes, the first thing that crosses his mind is the problem will be cured simply by cutting down or abstain totally from sweet diet. Many diabetes patients have followed that advice, but did their Insulin Resistance problem go away? No!

They have turned the picture upside down. Insulin resistance is what causes the rise of blood sugar level, not the result of hyperglycemia. Cutting down the sugar consumption will not make the root of the problem goes away, it will only make you more tired and lack of energy. The problem is not too much of sugar supply. The problem is your body cells cannot make use of the glucose supply.

Source by Hemen Ee


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