Five Natural Appetite Suppressants Found in Common Foods


Are you searching for natural appetite suppressants? Do you wish to control your hunger without depending on capsules or chemicals which you don’t know much about? Well, I have pleasant news for you. This article will reveal five foods which are natural appetite suppressants.

Be certain to keep these foods available all of the time since you never know when the hunger bug will strike. The foods are water, vegetable or chicken broth, green leafy vegetables, pickles, and apples.

– The first natural appetite suppressant is simple drinking water. Water is a wonderful substance. Your body is 55 to 60 percent water, so this is a substance that you frequently require to keep hydrated. But, water produces additional effects also. If you become hungry even though it’s not meal time, you’ll regularly find that drinking an 8 ounce glass of water removes your hunger’s edge. Wait ten minutes after drinking the water before eating anything. More often than not, you will realize that you just do not have to eat.

– Now, many people don’t want to consume water. That is certainly unfortunate because it does a lot of good things for the body. But, if that is true for you, natural vegetable broth is often a “food” that fills you up. Your body processes water as a liquid, but it digests broth like a food. Which means broth satisfies your system’s need for food. Chicken broth is an appropriate substitute. Warm up 32 ounces of the lean soup and try to consume all of the broth. You’ll almost certainly find that you won’t be able to before you are stuffed. And you’ll achieve that on barely 20 calories!

– Green leafy veggies are the third of our natural appetite suppressants. They have such a small number of calories that you simply do not even need to count them! Actually, many of these can even be categorized as “negative calorie foods” because it takes more energy for your body to digest the vegetables than they deliver in calories. If you’re going to make use of salad dressing, find an extremely low calorie dressing and use it thinly. You ought not to use more than 100 calories of dressing on a big bowl of salad greens.

– Pickles are not only for pregnant women anymore. A whole jar of organic dill pickles has only 50 calories. So, if you need something to eat, a pickle spear could be just the thing.

– Lastly, consider apples as one of your natural appetite suppressants. Apples may be the highest calorie food in this list, but they’re just jam-choked with fiber. An apple will fill you up for quite some time. They are also sweet, so whenever you crave a cookie, choose an apple.

You don’t need to swallow pills or potions to get control of your hunger. Mother nature has provided a variety of natural appetite suppressants in the form of water, broth, green leafy vegetables, pickles, and apples. Take advantage of them to reduce your weight.

Source by Bob Sherman


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