4 Tips to Help You Prevent Gout


There are no gout cures! The best that you can do is take steps to prevent gout from occurring in the first place. How? Take a good look at the foods you eat. Do you know which foods to avoid for gout problems? Do you know which foods are good to help prevent gout? Here are some “food” related tips that can get you started on the right path:

TIP No. 1:

Avoid foods that cause gout.

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s hard to remember all the different foods to stay away from and the reasons why. Here’s a short list that can make a big difference in your experiences with gout. I’m not just going to say, “avoid foods that are high in purines” because the next question would be, “What foods are those?” Here are some of them:

* Organ meats. The medical-dictionary online defines organ meat as “nonmeat edible products from animal slaughter. Includes brains, thymus, pancreas, liver, heart, kidney, tripes, sausage casings, chitterlings, crackling rind.” Doesn’t sound too appetizing anyway! I would have never thought of the last three items as “organ meat” and you probably wouldn’t even have thought about avoiding them.

* Patés made from organ meats – such as liver paté, Brunsweiger, liver sausage and, even though it’s not exactly a paté, Chopped Chicken Livers has to be included in this list. (And I make the BEST chopped chicken livers this side of New York!)

* Dark meat from fowl – turkey, chicken, duck

* Lamb

* Red meats

* Processed food

* Flour

Try to eat more fish, white fowl meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and look into the different types of spices you can cook with that can help your gout, such as burdock root and turmeric.

TIP #2:

Take a look at a bunch of pictures of gout.

I’m serious! When I was a teenager and thought I needed to “go on a diet” someone told me, “Put a picture on the door of your refrigerator of what you look like now and another picture of what you want to look like.” It was a good deterrent whenever I wanted to ‘mindlessly’ snack.

This simple technique has served me well all of my life. You can use it, too. Go online and find some vivid gout pictures, print them (in living color, if you can) and tape them on the door of your refrigerator. I can just about guarantee that when you want to grab a quick hot dog on a white, refined-flour bun, with mustard and sweet sugar-loaded pickle relish, you’ll have second thoughts.

TIP #3:

If you eat a lot of cherries, gout will stay away.

Dr. Ludwig W. Blau accidentally discovered the connection between eating cherries and the reduction of his gout pain. He was stuck in his wheelchair and the only thing he could find that he felt like eating was a bowl of fresh cherries. So, he ate them. The next morning he discovered that his pain was a lot milder.

Fortunately for the rest of us, he was able to connect eating the cherries with his pain relief, so he continued to eat several cherries a day. Before too long, he was able to walk again and was no longer confined to his wheelchair.

His discovery was reported in Prevention Magazine. Blau said the reason he published this discovery was so “it might offer a merciful means of relief to hundreds of thousands of American victims who suffer the agonizingly painful torture that drives many to thoughts of suicide.”

TIP #4:

If you want to avoid gout, alcohol must be eliminated from your life!

OK, I know research says that one glass of red wine each day – with dinner – is good for your health. If you limit yourself to just this one glass, I’m fairly certain it won’t bring on an attack of gout. But this doesn’t give you an excuse to get sloshed every night!

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Source by Renee Benzaim


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