Important Health Facts About the Wheat Belly Diet


The wheat belly diet is a common diet supported by the health organization South Beach. The belly wheat diet has claimed to help individuals lose weight (primarily in their abdominal region) and help alleviate other health related issues such as acne, high cholesterol, and it reduces the risk of heart related health issues. It can be a hard task for some eliminating wheat from their diet, but there are so many other great foods out there that simply do not have such negative effects on the human body.

The contents of the wheat belly diet suggest eating like our ancestors did; all natural. This means staying away from the processed foods that seemed to have taken over the food market and begun a trend of adult and childhood obesity. If thought about, this makes sense. Our ancestors were not obese. They did not have diabetes or major heart problems. They were able to stay active, live strong healthy lives, and did not encounter these health issues because they ate all natural food, not the processed junk that has plagued our country.

Taking out processed foods from your diet may seem like a difficult task. After all, we are talking about eliminating fast food, processed snacks, and other junk foods. When you eliminate processed foods what is left? Eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish, and other meats are all a part of an all-natural diet. Herbs, spices, and healthy oils can also be factored in along with a large amount of water. Even without the processed foods, there is still a never ending list of meals that can be made using all-natural products.

Now it may be obvious as to how the wheat belly diet works. When you think about it, this is something that so many people know, but find themselves struggling to accomplish. When eliminating wheat, an individual on average will eat 400 fewer calories a day. That is one whole meal! This reduction in calorie intake almost amounts to a pound of fat a week.

A pound a week over the course of a year adds up let alone if we extend this to 10 or more years. When an individual is concerned about losing weight it comes down to calories and exercise. The fewer calories you consume while maintaining a regular exercise regimen, the more weight you will lose. Maintaining the weight loss is just a matter of maintaining the change of not consuming wheat based products.

When you eliminate wheat you are also eliminating a protein contained in wheat. The protein gliadin stimulates the appetite, contributing to overeating. Many fast food and other processed items have the same effect in turn causing obesity, and other health issues. With this trigger gone, an individual can focus on eating healthier foods that have no stimulants and are more fulfilling for longer periods, thus proving the wheat belly diet is a true and valid way to lose weight and be healthy.

The money saved from not purchasing fast foods or processed foods is also an added benefit. A lifestyle change of this proportion in a time when obesity is becoming an epidemic, by eliminating wheat products or limiting your daily wheat consumption, this is a safe way to live a healthy and happy life.

Source by Amy Sue Miller


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