How to Use Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight: Just 15 Minutes Daily to Get the Body You Desire


Are you tired of various weight loss programs, exercise routines or diet pills to lose weight but did not get any result? Then here is the solution to all your weight problems. Today, more and more physicians are utilizing hypnosis in their practices. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis is now an accepted science and has gained firm recognition from the medical profession. The successful use of hypnotism has been thoroughly documented in dental surgery, childbirth, neuroses, and obesity.

Want to Lose Weight? Define Your Aim First:

Before you begin your weight lose expedition, it is important that you understand why you want to lose weight; list down the reasons. Your reason to get rid of extra pounds can vary from obtaining a good body, managing your health issues, become more presentable, become more confident etc. Defining your aim is important for your mind to understand why and what has to be achieved.

To give a precise picture to your mind, you may ask the following few questions to yourself:

1. Do you want to become more energetic and full of life than you currently are?
2. Do you want to get fit into your old clothes?

Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight – Why Does It Work?

Many people doubt whether self-hypnosis really works to lose weight or not. Self-hypnosis works but let us now explain you "WHY" it works. The secret to reduce weight is self-control and controlling oneself can be learnt through 'Hypnosis' or 'Self-Hypnosis'. Our mind and body communicates through self-hypnosis. With the help of self-hypnosis, we can communicate with our sub-conscious mind and suggest positive changes. Self-hypnosis helps you control your urge to eat things which are not healthy for your body.

Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight – How Does It Work?

You could lose weight with self-hypnosis by visualizing yourself changing your unhealthy and over eating habits to a healthier one.

Follow these 5 very simple steps every day to attain the slim and beautiful body that you have always dreamt of. And the good news is, this exercise takes 15 to 20 minutes only.

STEP 1: Lie down straight on your back.

NOTE: Choose a room or place like lawn or porch where you can concentrate and will not be disturbed.

STEP 2: Close your eyes.

STEP 3: Relax your body and concentrate on your breathing. Take 3 to 4 deep breaths.

NOTE: Relaxing your body does not mean sleeping.

STEP 4 : Make auto-suggestions to your sub-conscious mind like 'I will not overeat', 'I will do exercises daily', 'I will eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables', 'I will consume proteins and avoid carbohydrates' , etc. Repeat the commands for 5 times.

STEP 5: Relax now. Take deep breaths and open your eyes.

Conclusion: The main reason why weight lose with self-hypnosis is gaining so popularity is because it does not force them to stay on a diet. No more starving, no more costly surgeries and expensive pill and no more hourly workouts at gym. Simply follow the 5 step exercise revealed in the article to obtain the body you always wanted.

Source by Pradeep Agarwal