Zalestra – Natural Relief From Menopausal Symptoms While Promoting Weight Loss


Pre or peri-menopause is the transitional phase during which a woman passes out of the reproductive stage. This phase can be accompanied by some uncomfortable symptoms such as weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability. This stage usually occurs between the ages of 35-45 years old. Menopause is the next natural step in a woman’s life and occurs on average at 51 years of age. This is when the woman is no longer fertile and her body has stopped all production of estrogen. Just as the onset of menopause is unique to every woman, menopause symptoms also vary. While some women’s symptoms are very manageable, others are severe and sometimes threaten quality of life. This natural transition is marked with weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness, mood swings, as well as feelings of tension, nervousness and irritability. For some, menopause also marks an increased risk of heart disease and bone loss or osteoporosis.

Because of the symptoms and discomfort associated with menopause, it is no wonder that many women dread this natural transition. Zalestra provides proven, natural relief for the symptoms of menopause.

Zalestra Is the Most Complete Hormonal Balancing/Weight Control Compound developed For Pre-Menopausal and Menopausal Women. It contains 13 powerful ingredients strategically combined and blended to form a highly comprehensive system that assists in treating menopausal symptoms. Since Zalestra is completely natural, all of this has been done without the use of synthetic drugs or hormones.

Zalestra was developed to help not only treat the symptoms of menopause, but also to help premenopausal women lose weight. It works by naturally helping to support women’s hormonal balance. It has also been proven to reduce the symptoms of menopause, including alleviating hot flashes, mood swings, and decreased energy. Additionally, Zalestra can reduce the feelings of nervousness, tension, and irritability and can increase libido or sex drive.

The ingredients in Zalestra consist of Green Tea Extract, Guggul Extract, Octopalean, Maca Root Powder, Jojoba Meal Extract, Indole-3-Carbole, Borage Oil Powder, Mega Soy Extract, Manganese, Black Cohosh, DHEA, Vitex Fruit Extract and Bioperine. Green Tea Extract, for example, which is present in Zalestra is now one of the most commonly used ingredients in weight loss products on the market today. A number of the other ingredients such as Black Cohosh and Maca Root Powder are substances that have been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine to relieve the classic symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and mood swings. Soy Extract, which is also one of the ingredients in Zalestra, is coming in for increasing criticism from diet experts as they say that the effect of Soy, if used on a long term basis, is actually to disrupt the hormonal balance of the body.

Source by Paul A Buchanan