Obesity and Children


Obesity often gets its start in childhood. Obesity becomes a problem for children and this problem often continues as the child becomes older.

There are some things you can do to prevent obesity in children. Childhood and adolescence is difficult enough without adding obesity to the mix.

Some parents think it is cute when a young child will eat anything and lots of it. It may be cute for awhile but this
can lead to obesity. Other times parents use food as a reward and this can also be a problem. Find other ways to reward a child.

If parents insist that a child finishes everything on his plate, obesity can become a situation that is difficult to
contend with. Many children get into the habit of eating many meals a week at fast-food restaurants. Look at the fat and calories present in these foods. This can certainly lead to obesity in children.

As children get older they may spend after-school time eating snack foods that are not healthy. If obesity is becoming
a problem for your child or if you want to avoid the situation before it happens keep healthy snacks around the house. Read the labels before you buy the snacks your children will be eating. Have fresh fruit available and keep veggies washed and cut up in the fridge. There are all kinds of snack foods that are lower in fat and calories.

Is your child getting enough exercise? Millions of children come home after school and spend the majority of their
summer vacations in front of the television or video game with a bag of chips and a can of pop. Schedule time outside for riding bikes and playing games.

Obesity does not need to become a problem for children.

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