Obesity is a Trojan Horse


One of my college professors often used to make these comments:

Take your breakfast alone; share your lunch with someone; offer your dinner to your enemy. I once replied back that the kind of food they served in our college canteen, all the three were to be offered to enemies only. Jokes apart,the common belief and habit for most of us to shed extra weight is to starve, depriving nutrition and energy to the body for its activities. In any case, starvation is not the salvation for permanent weight loss. Sooner or later when we get bored, we return back to our sedentary life style, without being aware of the health hazards of being obese.

Obesity is a trojan horse. It brings a battalion of ailments which are most detrimental to our health. To name a few, following are the complications that could arise out being obese.

1. Hypertension

2. Diabetes (Type-2)

3. coronary heart disease

4. Stroke

5. Gallbladder disease

6. osteoarthritis

7. asthma

8. sleep apnea and respiratory problems

9. some cancers ( endometrial, breast and colon )

10. High levels of cholosterol

This is an unending list, where each of the above ailments are capable of creating other complications, where no medication without side effect, could be comfortably used. Prevention is the best cure for obesity. How to achieve this?

My friend, who was obese, went to the doctor. Doctor smiled at my friend, since he was known to both of us. He said to my friend that it was very simple to lose weight! My friend became very interested and asked him to suggest the way. Doctor replied that my friend has to only shake his head from left to right, maybe 10 times a day, and he was sure to lose weight! My friend became very curious. What is the idea ? he enquired. Doctor calmly replied, “whenever anyone offers you something to eat, shake your head from left to right.” Simple, isn’t it? It is simple, but it requires discipline, which is not simple. But then, habit makes discipline. Avoiding junk food and fast food must be done with a discipline.

Besides, exercise is the best option to increase muscular mass and reduce fat. It also increases the metabolic rate and ensures high level of energy and enthusiasm.

Source by Ramani Iyer


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