A Bacterial Vaginosis Home Cure


A bacterial vaginosis home cure can actually be significantly more effective than antibiotics or over the counter treatments. Indeed many people prefer to use natural cures rather than resorting to medication wherever possible.

If you have problems with bad vaginal odor you are highly likely to have bacterial vaginosis. This is characterized by an unpleasant fishy odor, a grey water discharge and sometimes a burning, itching sensation. Although many women feel highly embarrassed and sometimes ashamed of the condition, it is something that most will have experienced at some time.

Many women find bacterial vaginosis very difficult to get rid of and often try numerous ways to clear it. Antibiotics are rarely the best option as this condition is not caused by an infection, but rather an inflammation caused by an overgrowth of bacteria.

In the vagina there are two types of bacteria-good and bad. Under normal circumstances the two are “balanced”, with the good bacteria keeping the bad in check. When bacterial vaginosis is triggered (and there is often no obvious cause) it is an indication that the bad bacteria has flourished and this is what caused the horrible symptoms.

Although antibiotics do kill off bacteria, they kill off both good and bad. This means that when they have finished working and the vagina is naturally repopulated with bacterial, there is not enough “good” bacteria to maintain the equilibrium, so the whole cycle starts again. This is exactly why women who take antibiotics to clear bacterial vaginosis often find a reoccurence within a few weeks. Indeed studies have shown that over 70% of women will have the condition again.

One good bacterial vaginosis home cure is tea tree oil. This powerful antibacterial substance is safe to use and adding a few drops to a warm bath can help to kill off harmful bacteria. Another way of using tea tree oil is in pessary form. These are available from health food stores and are a very potent and effective treatment. Another effective cure is probiotic yogurt. The live bacteria are similar to the beneficial bacteria within the body and so eating a pot daily can help to replenish depleted supplies of good bacteria.

There is a bacteria vaginosis home cure that will work much faster than antibiotics and without side effects. In addition, there is not the recurrence of the condition as there is with antibiotics. Imagine how much better the cure will be when instead of killing off all bacteria in the body, your immune system is strong enough to fight off any bad bacteria extremely quickly.

Source by Mary Hopkinson


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