One Simple Gesture That Turns the Tide on Childhood Obesity in a Heartbeat


Picture this. President Obama walks out on stage to the cheers of an adoring audience. He flashes the now famous, charismatic smile. He waves, shakes a few hands, takes off his sports coat, and rolls up his executive sleeves. But instead of striding over to the podium, he strides over to a pull up bar which has been set up on stage, grabs hold of the bar, and he proceeds to perform three or four pull ups.

Then he walks back to the podium, adjusts the microphone, and says something like, "I suggest that we should help American kids from coast to coast learn to physically pull their own weight. Why? Because kids who can do what I just did are never obese. A pull up bar pays you to be strong and light. It pays for physical efficiency. And kids who can pull ups are naturally immunized against obesity for life as long as they eat and exercise in such a way that they maintain their ability to do pull ups. "

Duplicated Exponentially

That little one minute gesture on the part of President Obama would immediately be duplicated and multiplied exponentially across the Internet. Talking heads on TV, and talk radio hosts on the right and the left would be buzzing about it. * Citizen journalists, bloggers, Facebookers, and Tweeters would all inform parents and educators, who would in turn scramble to find their kids learn to physically pull their own weight and to naturally immunize themselves against obesity, and all the related social, psychological, economic, and medical problems, for life!

Within Weeks and Months …

Within weeks we'd identify tens of thousands of kids who can already do pull ups and who are already immunized against obesity for life. Within months, with the help of supervising adults, thousands of more kids who'd previously been unable to do so, will learn to physically pull their own weight and to immunize themselves against obesity for life. And in less than five years this nation's number one health threat, childhood obesity, would be ancient history just like polio, diphtheria, and small pox.

$ 147 Billion Reason for Conservatives to Leap On Board

And by eliminating childhood obesity an eventually adult obesity we'd also be eliminating all the related medical problems which together, according to the Center for Disease Control, costs American taxpayers a cool $ 147 billion every year. Fiscal conservatives would surely applaud deliriously over such a cost effective solution, right?

In other words, this simple gesture on the part of President Obama would not only thrust a dagger directly in the heart of our nation's number one health threat, it would also more than pay for the health care reform that the President and Congress have been wrestling over for months now. The only question left is, Barack … what's stopping you from moving the ball down court? The time to act is RIGHT NOW!

* Just imagine the opportunities to multiply this message exponentially. How about Tiger Woods, LaBron James, Payton Manning, and Albert Pujols all filming short Public Service Announcements in which they duplicated the Obama gesture physically and verbally for the benefit of millions of young followers? How about movie and TV stars following suit? Or how about Michelle, Sasha, and Malia inviting kids around the nation to become official members of the President's special Pull Your Own Weight Club? It's simple, measureable, affordable, and it will happen … if the President only does his part.

Source by Rick Osbourne