FAQ About a Natural Liver Cleanse



How to do a Liver Cleanse

The liver and the gallbladder work together as the body’s line of defense against toxins and poisons. Different factors can at any time may cause either one or both organs to become taxed and unable to perform this natural detoxification, so doing a liver cleanse can be extremely beneficial and is actually simple to perform.

The liver and gallbladder perform a vital “1-2 punch” in the body. The liver produces and secretes bile needed to break down foods, medications, toxins, and poisons. The gallbladder in turn stores this bile until it’s needed.

When Will You Know?

It’s pretty simple to predict if and when you may have decreased liver and/or gallbladder function. Risk factors can include the following:

o Poor diet. Diets high in saturated fat raise cholesterol levels, which can form cholesterol gallstones. These fats of course pack on body fat that causes weight gain, and weight itself is a major contributor to liver malfunction. Starches and lack of dietary fiber are also contributors.

o Women who are pregnant, who use hormone therapy treatments or have other hormonal imbalances, including the use of hormone-based contraceptives. If hormone levels aren’t regulated, the gallbladder cannot empty properly and can become blocked.

o Medications process through the liver, some more than others and many cause constipation, another cause of liver disease. Alcohol consumption is also a culprit and is the #1 cause of cirrhosis of the liver, an irreversible scarring of the liver than can cause a slow, painful death.

o Rapid weight loss.

It’s important to monitor your risk factors because you may not actually have any symptoms. If you do, it could be too late. The following are symptoms you may experience:

o Acute pain in the upper abdomen could indicate gallstones, especially if the pain lasts more than 30 minutes or occurs at night or after fatty meals.

o Gastric symptoms (constipation or diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, belching).

o If your skin appears yellow (jaundice) or your stool becomes clay-like, these are symptoms you could have chronic liver disease or even liver failure. You should see your physician.

What Can You Do?

When you pay attention to your body, you’ll know when you need to take action. Better yet, there are things you can do right now that can cleanse your liver and prevent liver malfunction.

o Incorporate raw fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, nuts, and legumes into your diet. This should make up 50-75% of your intake.

o Use LSA mix, which is 3 parts linseed (flaxseed), 2 parts sesame seed, and 1 part almond. LSA can be purchased pre-mixed or you can make your own. Sprinkle it on your food and use it in cooking.

o Use other liver-cleansing whole food supplements include Vitamins A, B (especially B1, or Thiamine), and K. Whole food supplements provide the next best thing to obtaining these nutrients from food. For the best whole food source of these nutrients, I recommend the organic whole food multivitamin called VITAFORCE.

o Bugleweed stimulates the release of heavy metal deposits from the liver. (See Below for the herbal cleanse I recommend).

o Flaxseed oil is extremely high in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are powerful antioxidants and have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

o Avoid all animal foods (meats, dairy, eggs, etc.), fried foods, processed foods, and refined white flours.

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Source by Scott Malin