A Typical Power Plate Workout


Modern man is always searching for an easy way to melt away the pounds. Whether it is a magic diet pill or a “no-effort” exercise option, the idea of losing weight without effort is appealing for the overweight individual who is in the midst of a crazy schedule. While there is no “magic pill” that will turn an obese individual into a skinny super-model, the Power Plate offers an advantage over the typical treadmill workout. Power Plates are popping up in gyms across the country, and many a home gym is now sporting one as well. How does this piece of exercise equipment work, and what is a typical Power Plate workout like?

What Is a Power Plate?

Power Plates are vibration devices designed to increase the effectiveness of a workout. It is comprised of a large plate that the exerciser stands on, a tower, and a handle. When turned on, the plate vibrates, which sends waves of energy through the body.

The device capitalizes on the body’s natural response to vibration. By simply adding vibration to the workout, the muscles contract an extra 25 to 50 times per second, making the workout much more effective. In fact, simply standing in an active pose, such as with the knees bent, while the Power Plate is on increase calorie burn tremendously.

Once the beginning workout stops causing fatigue, the workout chosen varies depending on the results desired. For instance, someone who is working on increasing stamina will do a different workout routine than someone who is working on weight loss.

How Does the Exercise Program Work?

The creators of the Power Plate advocate a trademarked “Acceleration Training” program. This program is carefully designed to increase the intensity of the workout while introducing the benefit of the device from the very beginning.

All workouts begin with a warm up and end with a cool down. The hamstrings and quads can be massaged by laying them on the machine and laying the rest of the body on the support pad. This pose should be held for 60 seconds. This should be done at the beginning and end of a workout. Also, typical stretching exercises can be done with the Power Plate. Simply balance the leg that is being stretched on the plate to add the benefit of the vibrations.

Beginners can also work the calves by standing on tiptoe with a slight bend to the knees. A beginner will work the arms by placing the hands on the machine, bending the elbows to a place where the individual can control his or her body, and balancing on the toes and hands. Each of these poses should be held for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second rest.

Workout for Weight Loss

Those who are using Power Plates for weight loss add many movements to the routine. For instance, a lunge can be done with the bent leg on the machine, holding the pose for 30 seconds and then increasing the holding time to 60 seconds. The triceps can be worked by holding on to the machine with the hands and lifting the hips off of the edge of the machine with the elbows bent.

There are numerous other routines that can be performed with Power Plates, including those focused on cellulite reduction, stretching, upper body strength, or lower body strength. Because of its versatility when compared to other home gym equipment, like a treadmill, the Power Plate is likely to become a popular item, and many will consider its high cost to be worth the investment for the flexibility provided.

Source by Amy Nutt