Importance of Being Vegetarian


Our earth is bursting with people and stress has been put on food resources. It is getting really difficult to maintain the quality of food in this fast changing world. Hence, more and more people are becoming vegetarians as a solution for their health problems.

It is a fact, vegetarians are healthier than non-vegetarians. According to studies and surveys, vegetarians actually suffer less from diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and other heart problems. Majority of heart problems are caused by high intakes of cholesterol found mainly in animal fats and dairy products. That’s why it is advised to follow a strict and balanced diet chart rather than enjoying meats. Cut down meat sounds bad but it is far healthier and protective means for keeping your cholesterol level normal.

Experts recommend a special diet which is effective in preventing fat and decreasing extra cholesterol of the body. It is necessary to know what should be included in the diet to get all nutrients which are responsible for healthier growth of the body.

As a great source of nutrition and energy, fresh fruits and fruit juices must be frequently used as they are good in taste and sufficient in clearing several other health problems. Raw fiber Vegetables like beans, lentil, cabbage and carrots should also use frequently to lower your cholesterol level. Popcorns and fresh yoghurt too are high in proteins with all most no fat. Avoid consuming soda and sugary fruit juices as they may increase cholesterol level more than your need. Barley and oats which are rich in viscous fiber contains a soluble fiber called “Beta Glucen”, a prime factor in lowering cholesterol effectively. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts, rich in monosaturated and polysaturated fats also lower down bad cholesterol. It also encourages the presence of HDL.

Soy products are very important food which cuts the cholesterol level drastically. According to researchers it is better to include at least 25 Gms of soy products in the diet daily to minimize the level of cholesterol by 15 to 20 percent straightaway. Planning of such diet does not only ensure health but overall can cut LDL by 30 percent.

Go vegetarian and ensure you have optimum fruits, almonds, soy products and oats for all your meals. It is not only economical, humane, environment friendly but also healthier. A healthy option for all as long as it is properly planned and contains all nutrients. “Be vegetarian, be healthy”

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