Type 2 Diabetes – Can You Get Used to Eating Less Sugar?



Even though there is no substantial evidence showing sugar causes Type 2 diabetes, a high intake does put a strain on your pancreas to produce more insulin. Some researchers will go far enough to say sugar is harmful to our body, and it may even kill in some cases. While there is some truth to sugar having adverse effects, it is important to see things rationally, and not get lost in exaggeration. Sugar can be bad for you, but it doesn't always have adverse effects. In moderation, sugar is fine for most, provided a healthy lifestyle is in place.

Sugar is harmful when it's intake is added to an unhealthy way of life. It really must be controlled for those people who are not in the best health. Otherwise, there are often negative consequences involved. With a diet high in sugar, you can expect high blood sugar levels and an inadequate insulin response, which begins the development of Type 2 diabetes. Also, sugar is often used as an energy boost. When not used, it is converted to fat.

It is no coincidence people who eat a lot of sugar are usually the ones who are overweight. Ideally, you will be able to establish a balance. There is no need to avoid sugars in your diet entirely. And in many cases, sugar is beneficial to you. If you have gone many hours without a meal and you eat an apple, the blood sugar rise will give you a significant energy boost. It helps. However, apples contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars.

If you are dieting or looking to improve your blood sugar levels, it goes without saying you should be very selective when it comes to the type of sugar you consume. Again, it is not about eliminating all sugar from your diet. Rather, it is about control. If you can get used to eating less sugar, there is so much for you to gain it makes sense to give it a serious attempt. There is a good chance you eat more sugar than you need, so decreasing your intake is unlikely to hurt you. And you will likely find eating fewer sugary foods is more conducive to a healthier lifestyle.

Most people find a regular strawberry is sweet. Some may think it is not nice enough – sugar or chocolate is sometimes added to make it a more delicious dessert. Interestingly, however, is when you get used to eating less sugar, a regular strawberry on its own tastes sweet enough.

Try it out for yourself. Gradually decrease your sugar intake. If you stick with it, you are sure to like the results.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers