Democracy – Government of the Mediocre by the Mendaciously Venal



This morning, during my daily perusal of global news, I read that the UK government intends to legislate against the selling of foods it considers to be ‘fattening’ unless the average UK overweight slob regulates his/her eating behavior and conforms to government mandated health guidelines for body mass index. So if Fat Freddy down the road, who lives off the dole and drinks in the pub every night doesn’t cut back on his waistline, in the interest of the ‘common good,’ the rest of us will be barred from eating our beloved Fish&Chips, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Steak and Kidney Pies. Well, let me be blunt: I don’t give a hoot for the wellbeing of people whose life-choices are a threat to their own well being.

The UK government (correctly) claims that health costs for the obese are killing the NHS. But obesity is a personal choice! So why not simply charge these people a huge supplementary health insurance fee from their wages or government allowances to cover the cost? If you’re fat – you pay for the associated costs! The same may be said for those who over-indulge in alcohol and those who smoke. So why do we tolerate this twaddle? Of course, the answer’s simple: democratic government is now comprised of a criminal conspiracy to steal from the middle and upper classes to pay for the social benefits of the dumbed down ‘majority.’

Politicians simply wouldn’t dare to tell people that they’re responsible for their own actions – and the consequences thereof – that would cost votes. This was well illustrated when Thatcher attempted to impose a levy on the use of public services by the non-working, parasitic classes. And this is not the last of the demands of the democratized, parasitic masses: Education must be dumbed down to facilitate degrees for all; taxes must be progressive and penalize those who dare to raise their heads above the mass (per the Communist Manifesto where this legalized system of theft first appears), and of course, the interests of the ‘majority’ are held sacrosanct.

This cannot continue. We have developed a new form of slavery whereby the most capable and hard working individuals in society work more than half their working lives to feed the democratic beast. Ironically, those worst affected by this democratic plague are the most competent and capable members of society; but are also rarely inclined to take collective action – it’s simply not in their nature. But as the toll of democratic fascism mounts and the cost of oppression of our most able citizens rises to ever less sustainable levels, something must break. How can we have reached a point where a person with no education or job fathers/births several children and expects his/her fellow citizens to carry the cost – expects other people to pay the bills? How do we justify the extension of high living standards to people not prepared to work for them? This is the plague that democracy has become. This is the age of the collectivized parasite. And with the dominance of the parasite comes the phenomenon of ever diminished personal liberty. We live in a politically correct environment where the Thought Police monitor our every word; we live in societies where an idiot who smokes himself to illness gets a lung transplant at public expense; in societies where every fool is a victim and every successful person is a taxable resource; in societies where we must conform or suffer opprobrium and even imprisonment if we are bold enough to fight the legalized theft of the income tax. What a world!


Source by Keith Rowley