How Yoga Can Help You To Develop Better Bone Density


There are a lot of diseases one can prevent from just practicing yoga. Yoga has been known to benefit a lot of people, including children and adults. Osteoporosis is a condition that affects a lot of people, especially in the western world. Women are greatly affected by this condition. The disease is diagnosed in women, especially after menopause, although they can start losing their bone density as early as 30 years of age.

The good thing is that yoga poses, which strengthens the areas such as hips, spines as well as wrists, can help to maintain bone density. These poses that are targeted at the spine, can help to enhance posture, and also prevent the hunched back that is typical in older osteoporosis sufferers. Most women who have some minor history of this disease are prone to it. The meaning of this is that if your mother or grandmother was diagnosed of this same disease, the best thing to do is to include yoga in your normal daily routine.

These yoga poses work wonders around the hip region. They help to strengthen the muscles around this region, which helps to decrease people’s chances of falling and also fracturing a bone, especially when they get older. It is a known fact that your bones get weaker as you grow older. Patients that are suffering from osteoporosis, experiences thoracic spine compression fractures, which occurs when the front part of the vertebrae, compresses down. This can make someone’s posture to look bent forward. There are yoga poses that helps to strengthen the upper back muscles as well as spine. This helps to maintain proper posture and may also help to prevent the occurrence of a compression fracture. Another very relevant pose is the cobra pose. This particular type of pose, is perfect for combating computer hunch.

It is very important for us to know that bone loss is a very serious business. It does not just affect women, but also includes men. Both male and female, get to their maximum bone mass, around the age of 30. Immediately you get to this stage of your life, you should start maintaining your body and bones, by getting involved in some benefiting exercises. The truth of the matter is that no one is immune to this inevitable decline. In a nutshell, everyone is prone to it. If you are a lady who is approaching her midlife, you just have to get yourself prepared. Fasten your seat belt. It is so unimaginable, for how one can loss up his or her bone mass. You can lose your bone mass up to 20 percent after menopause, between five to seven years.

Osteoporosis is something that is affects everyone. Nobody thinks they have it, but when they get to a certain age, they will realize that almost everyone does.

Source by James Fetisov


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