5 Great Tips For Gout Treatment


Gout is a devastating form of arthritis, where uric acid crystals form between muscle joints. It can be very painful if the proper pain relief is not sought after. In this article, I will give you some tips on how gout treatment helps relieve the pain and restore a normal life.

One of the first tips in treating gout pain is taking pain relief medication. This is the chief aim for doctors, after diagnosis has been made. Typically, pain relief comes from the use of drugs and medicines such as anti-inflammatory drugs like indomethacin and so on. If you suffer from gout make sure you are taking the proper medication to give you pain relief when pain flares occur.

The second way to treat gout is to apply ice to the sore area and 20 to 30 minute intervals for several periods during the day. This is a great way to get pain relief from gout without having the side effects that are associated with certain medicines.

A third form of treatment is through the diet. It is known that certain foods can create higher levels of uric acid in the body. Since uric acid is a primary factor that causes gout, a reduction in foods that would create this acid can be helpful. You want to avoid alcohol, red meats, asparagus, and other foods that have high sources of purines.

The fourth way to get pain relief from the effects of this form of arthritis is to make sure you wear shoes and clothing that fit comfortably. You want to avoid clothing and shoes that irritate the skin and do not give you adequate room. Loose clothing made of cotton is preferable.

Finally, make sure to keep your toes elevated when you are resting or sleeping. This will help reduce inflammation. Additionally, make sure you stay hydrated and stay off the joints which have gout. Do not put any excess pressure on these areas or it will cause more pain and damage in that area.

There have also been alternative treatments for gout and that have recently become more popular. If you are not getting the relief you need from traditional treatment, consider looking into alternative sources.

Source by Terry Edwards


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