Liver Cleanse For Gallstone Removal



The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body and no one person can survive 24 hours without its function. It is responsible the for decomposition of the red blood cells, elimination toxic wastes and cholesterol from the blood, storage of glycogen, as well as the production of plasma protein. Also, the liver is responsible for producing bile which is an alkaline substance which helps digestion. That is why performing a liver cleanse and having a colon hydrotherapy treatment can reasonably optimize liver and immune functions.

Having a congested liver can lead to number of complications including skin irritations, irregular menstrual cycle, weak eyesight, headaches, weight gain, chronic fatigue, pain in the joints, inflammation in the blood vessels, digestive problems, bloating, memory loss, and breathing difficulties. And if the liver is not able to filter out the carcinogenic chemicals absorbed from food, water, and air, these toxins can eventually build up in the organs and tissues which could lead to tumor formations and eventually cancer.

Moreover, gallstones or hardened bile can form due to excessive amount of cholesterol and bilirubin in the bile. Now, if these gallstones block any of the ducts connecting the gallbladder, pancreas, or liver with the intestine, digestive enzymes can be trapped in the duct and cause infection, severe pain, and even organ damage.

Although, the liver is actually capable of regenerating, it is not something to be taken advantage of. The liver can be extremely damaged which will consequently need to be replaced. What is worst is that most people can die of liver failure due to viral Hepatitis B and C, abusive consumption of alcohol and certain drugs, cirrhosis, hemochromatosis, malnutrition, as well as ingestion of poisonous wild mushrooms.

But why would you let any of these afflictions complicate your life when you can utterly prevent them by living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a proper diet. There are several naturopathic ways to prevent diseases. For example, in the case of gallstones, one can perform liver cleansing by taking herbal tea or supplements. Also, there are specific liver cleansing diets which one can choose to do. Liver cleanse significantly improves digestion, eliminates upper arm and upper back pain, remove gallstones and excess cholesterol.

Additionally, when liver cleanse is performed alongside a thorough bowel cleansing, one is likely to gain the benefits of losing weight, clearer skin, optimum energy and increased sense of well-being.


Source by Paul S Fitzgerald