Type 2 Diabetes – Breaking Free From Diabetes


Does your Type 2 diabetes have you feeling trapped? Rarely does Type 2 diabetes come on its own, it needs some help. Frustration, depression, and resentment are common feelings in people who have this form of diabetes. Not to mention other more concerning issues, like the presence of the metabolic syndrome which is a cluster of abnormalities including…

  • obesity,
  • high blood pressure,
  • high blood triglycerides,
  • low levels of HDL cholesterol, and
  • insulin resistance

which occurs even before diabetes. This group of problems can become very dangerous. You will know you have the metabolic syndrome when three of the above abnormalities are present. Abdominal obesity and high triglyceride levels are common and pose serious health concerns on their own.

If you feel trapped, it is okay. It is okay to feel you are backed into a corner when you receive a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. But there is a way out. Breaking free from high, out-of-control blood sugar levels requires some changes. Most of all, it requires initiative. If you have the drive, you have the crucial ingredient to succeed. It will take time, but that is something you are already expecting if you are ready to commit to the task. Breaking free from Type 2 diabetes is a process. It is a process with multiple stages, each with their components…

First, you can begin by determining where your health currently stands. With the assistance and guidance of your doctor, an examination will give you measures to assess and follow as you proceed with your changes. One month of healthy eating, for instance, should help you lower your blood sugar levels and get you on track for weight loss.

Always compare your latest results to your starting measures. This way you will see the progress you’ve made, and it will give you the motivation to continue.

Second, implement lifestyle changes with vigor. Do what you must and do not think twice. It is time to exercise if you have not already – with no room for excuses. You do not have to be extreme; four days each week should do it. Monday to Friday with Wednesday as a rest day is enough. Avoid weekends when you are starting, so you do not compromise too much of your spare time.

Even more important than physical activity is your diet. Looking for shortcuts is a mistake because they do not exist. Whether you like it or not you have to eat well. If you do it right, all you have left is eating sensible portions, and then weight loss is pretty much guaranteed.

Type 2 diabetes is treated by following a healthy lifestyle. As a bonus, you will likely recover from several other health issues in the process…

  • obesity is treated the same way as this form of diabetes, albeit with a greater focus on weight loss.
  • lower your blood sugar levels by following a healthy diet plan, and the changes you introduce will improve your blood profile as well.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers


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