Exercise Your Waist Using Highly Effective Tummy Exercises to Feel Young and Look Sexy for Summer


This might scare you, however if you don’t pay attention to the potential hazards of weight gain you are putting yourself at risk. The list is long and one or more of these horrible diseases could be in the cards if you don’t do something about it. High blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, apnea and so it goes, it’s scary, but not inevitable. To avoid any and all of these diseases you may need to exercise your waist and change your diet.

For the average female, the waistline should be no more than 35 inches. Of course, it depends on your overall BMI (Body Mass Index) which also takes into account your height and weight.

The headline, “Exercise your waist using highly effective tummy exercises to feel young and look sexy for summer”, is the antidote. If you start now you may fit into a bikini before then. Imagine looking into the mirror and for the first time in a long time seeing a difference in your looks. It may unlock the door to future happiness and put your sex life back on track.

Below are 2 examples of time tested, proven and healthy exercises you can start right now to begin losing ugly belly fat in a naturally occurring fashion. They’re not too difficult and with your health and body at stake it’s worth giving them a shot. OK, let’s exercise your waist. Ready.

1) Side Crunches Exercise: This form of crunch exercise targets the muscles on either side of your stomach and tummy region. It helps to dramatically tighten and lose weight around your belly and if repeated often enough will produce abs or a highly sexy mid-section. This waist exercise can be rather difficult to conquer in the beginning, but if you stick with it the results will shock you.

In order to perform this exercise follow these simple steps. First, lie down on a mat or rug, and decide which side you’d like to begin working. For example sake, we’ll begin with the right side. Take your right hand and place it on the right side of your tummy. Simultaneously, place your left hand behind your left ear, so your left elbow is pointing up at the ceiling.

Now, comes the fun part. To do the actual side crunch, you must begin exerting pressure on the abdomen area by closing the gap between leg and arm. Raise yourself up slowly, then down again. You may feel a little bit of pain by doing this, however, this is natural and a ‘good’ pain. This type of crunch helps to dramatically tighten each side of your abdomen, so it’s important to do each side equally. Once completed with the right side, begin on the left and count the same number of crunches as were done on the opposite side. 10-20 reps per rotation is a good starting point. Once you’ve mastered the technique build up your reps until it ‘hurts.’

2) Side Bends Exercise: This is another very effective method of exercising your waist. It’s also less painful and easier to perform. This doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to this particular exercise. The side bends exercise focuses on the middle and side abdomen area. Side bends and side crunches complement each other and should almost always be done in tandem.

In order to perform this exercise you can either stand or sit straight up in a chair. With your knees slightly bent, and your legs shoulder width apart slide your right hand down towards your knee, then raise yourself up again. Repeat this step by performing between 20-30 reps per side. Once you’ve mastered this technique you may want to add light weights to help burn more calories and help reduce the amount of needed reps.

There are other methods to work the waist to help rid the body of excess body fat. However, the 2 principle methods listed above are viewed by many experts as the most effective exercises for the waist. Give it a try and don’t fear the pain. It’s called progress and it happens fast. Much faster than you might think. You will begin feeling results within days and seeing it in just a few short weeks. Good luck.

Source by Melissa A. Howard


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