Medications As Panic Attack Cures



Depending on the seriousness or severity of the case, methods for panic attack cures may differ in scope. Simply put, when the patient only undergoes occasional or infrequent attacks, medication is not often prescribed or recommended. For people who often find themselves hyperventilating, nauseous or too depressed beyond any help, medication is used to manage the symptoms.

Panic attack cures can be self-administered and / or with the help of a medical professional. Self care can be done by the person, especially when the symptoms are still within controllable levels. Relaxing and deep breathing techniques are helpful; they prevent the person from experiencing shortness of breath and dizziness.

Symptoms of this condition can be managed with or without medication but for serious cases, strong pills like anti-depressants and those containing Lorazepam and Propranolol may be given. Before these medications are prescribed, the patient is first evaluated to determine the extent of the disorder. Aside from medication, psychotherapy is considered as part of the methods of panic attack cures. The sessions can work on their own or as complements to the medication that the patient is taking.

Medical treatment for this disorder is rather different from the self-care approach. With the latter, simply avoiding food with caffeine, exercise and relaxation are enough to help stabilize the feelings of anxiety. However, a patient who is given strong medication may be put under observation for any side effects. This is why it is important to undergo clinical evaluation before any treatment is given or prescribed.

It can take several months and even years for this disorder to be treated. The combination of psychotherapy sessions and medication can eventually help the person live a normal life. One of the best panic attack cures is simply avoiding any stimulus that could trigger the onset of the fear. For people who fear flying, airports and airplanes should be the least of things they want to see.


Source by Jerry M Jones