Dangers of Sleep


There are a lot more reasons to worry about if you’re not getting enough sleep other than being an irritant to everyone around you. Sleep deprivation causes:

Psychosis: This is a severe mental disorder where you would lose touch with reality. People with psychosis experience hallucinations, delusions and thought disorders.

Stress: Insufficient sleep suggest that it increases stress hormones which may reduce new cell generation in adult brains.

Heart Disease: It is believe to be a by-product of stress as suggested by a study by the Harvard Medical Institute.

Impairment: It has been proved by researchers in Australia and New Zealand that people who drove after being awake for 17 to 19 hours are just as hazardous as people who are driving under alcoholic influences.

Diabetes: Sleep deprivation affects the human’s ability to metabolize glucose, which can lead to early-stage Type 2 diabetes. This was concluded by the University Of Chicago Medical Center.

Obesity: The link between obesity and the lack of sleep seems to be strongest in young and middle-aged adults. Some studies suggested that the obesity epidemic may be happening because sleep deprivation may interrupt hormones that regulate glucose metabolism and appetite.

It is important to recognize your current monstrous state may be linked to your sleep deficiency. Over an extended period, you may encounter some ‘sleep debt’.

To determine if you have ‘sleep debt’ simply relax in a quiet place during the day for a short while. If you fall asleep easily, the sooner you feel sleepy, the bigger your debt is.

Not many people can survive with six or seven hours’ worth of sleep. Most people need at least seven to eight hours. If you think you can be productive by staying awake longer, you may need to change the way you think if you have ‘sleep debt’.

Source by Gary Goh


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