Ways of Curbing Snoring


Most people around the world snore in their sleep and it has become a reason to become concerned. Technical ways of curbing this big problem are coming up. Ill sleeping positions, smoking, a lot of alcohol intake, poor diet and obesity also accelerate this problem.

Snoring in Chicago is accelerated by several factors such as allergies asthma and sinus infections. The above conditions cause the nasal passage block bringing about difficulties in breathing thus creating a vacuum in the throat. The vacuum brings about the noisy vibration from the throat.

Tobacco inhalation also promotes this problem as smoking creates nasal and lung congestion. Through inheritance, snoring in Chicago is likely to increase in that parents who have this breathing problem are likely to pass it on to their young ones too. Sleeping on our side is advisable as compared to sleeping on the back. Sleeping on the back makes the tongue lie on the throat therefore blocking the air passage.

Continuous alcohol abuse also accelerates this breathing disorder. Obese people or those with abnormal weight have problems with breathing as they sleep since they have too much fat around the throat.

However, cure for this snoring in Chicago has been found according to a one Dr. David Carley based in Chicago.This is in accordance to to research done on University of Illinois Chicago. One of the ways to curb this problem would by use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, a machine which pumps pressurized air into the nose through a mask worn over the face. Though quite effective, this method has side effects in that it causes dryness in the mouth. Jaw positioning is a device that helps in pulling the tongue away from the throat. This is done at night before sleeping.

Source by Peter Gitundu


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